Open To Receive

I was crossing over a bridge on my run today and stopped to notice the large flow of water through the canal. I like to imagine when I am near water that it is nature and abundance flowing. I like to stand on the outflow side of a bridge and imagine that flow is coming from me and I am giving in abundance. This type of visualization always feels good because I have deeply feel the rightness of giving. This time, however, standing on the bridge I turned toward the inflow side and noticed a slight hesitation to receiving in abundance. This moment of insight was very valuable because I caught a glimpse of myself being cautious about having.

Yikes, I thought I had worked through that but obviously not fully. There is still some inner work needed because the hesitation was real and has to create a limiting response in me. This self-limitation is my own block to having what I want. I will now work on letting this block go. How I will do that? I just got an idea as I was writing this. My idea was to do a drawing of the scene I was visualizing and to recreate and further explore the hesitation. There is more for me to know here and I am eager to explore and experiment.

This is the process of opening to receive whatever you desire in life. You imagine what you want; then see what is in the way of you having it? It could be a lack of effort or an unwillingness to do what needs to be done. If however you find yourself working hard to make things happen and the results aren’t there then you have to do some self-inquiry. If you are open, inner feedback can come in the most interesting of ways. The stopping on the bridge today during my run and seeing my reaction to the inflow is an example of how information can come when you really want awareness.

Receiving is an issue of the heart. If you find your heart closed then receiving will be difficult. If you find your heart is cautious or fearful then you receiving will be limited. If you tend to stuff how you feel and numb out then the receiving will be little if any.

What opens the flow is an open heart. A personal flow will expand as you expand in your self-acceptance and self-love. Giving from the heart opens you to receiving. Imagining your heart opening will increase the flow. Loving create flow, and an open loving heart is a magnet for receiving. Trust also opens flow. Some people say, “give what you want to receive.” You deserve to receive no matter what your programming has been to the contrary. When you believe you can receive.

Get clear what you want to manifest in your life, what you really want to receive. Then go about making it happen. If the roots are good then the fruits will be also. If the roots are self-doubting, critical, blocked, or limiting then the fruits will not survive. Seek to understand what is at the root of your results. The more you explore and understand the better you will be at changing the outcomes and creating the life you truly want. Set you goal to become a master at receiving and then watch how fun life can be.

Continued from earlier: My exploration of the visualization so far has been very helpful. I took some time to draw the scene and then draw my heart being fully open to receiving. I find a notebook and some colored pens very helpful in turning ideas into pictures of what I want to create in my life.

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are the different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe.”
Deepak Chopra