7/7/07 Are You Feeling Lucky Today

Today is supposed to be a very lucky day. It is 7/7/07. Do you believe in luck? Do you ever think about things and then they come true? Maybe you and I make our own luck by own thoughts and feelings. I say maybe here because there is much theory about our thinking creates our world. It has been my experience that there are mixed results on what I think and what shows up in my life. When the results are less then what I want I tend to turn to myself and ask what am I doing or not doing that is getting in the way of what I want?

This self-exploration has been helpful for my awareness and growth and sometimes helpful in manifesting more effectively. I often turn to the expertise of others to learn more. Lately I have been reading an old classic called The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles which was first published in 1910. I picked up this book at the local bookstore because I had heard about it from a number of different sources. Usually when I hear about something a number of times I feel the universe is trying to tell me something and I try to follow its guidance. I have written about intuition quite a bit lately and must admit the more I think about intuition and listen to it the more I am guided. Which is a good thing.

I want to share with you a gem or two from this book today and over the next several months. I believe there is real value in some of the lessons here so I thought you might appreciate the information.

Wallace Wattles believes that in order for you and I to realize our highest expression in talent and soul development, we must have all the money we need. He sees money as essential to being the fullest possibilities in us. With money we can do what we need to do in life. This point of view places money as a key ingredient for a successful life. Makes sense doesn’t it?

This positive view of money and how it is essential to self-realization is different then some of the ideas you and I were brought up with. Many traditional religious points of view place money as more of an obstacle to overcome. Wattles says money is an important part of what we need to be the person we are capable of being. At some level that kind of seems obvious to me. How about for you?

So money is a good thing and having what you need to fully express yourself is a good thing too. Stay tuned and I will explore more of these ideas with you.