Inspirations From The Road - Day One

Today was day one of our journey. We drove for about 9.5-10 hours and now are in a nice air conditioned room and relaxing. We spent many hours listen to a book on CD called Father Joe. I had heard positive things about this book and now that I have heard about 5 hours of it. This is an inspirational story about a priest who is full of heart and consciousness. I got lucky on that pick at the library yesterday. Listening to a book while driving long distances sure makes the time fly. Having Father Joe’s wisdom to uplift us has been a real gift.

The story about this young man and his mentor priest got me thinking about how precious it is to have someone of wisdom and insight to talk with for awareness, perspective and guidance. I found myself wishing I had that when I was a young man. Now, however, I am much closer in age to Father Joe. I’ve had several mentors but mainly through their writings and talks. I guess it is never too late to have a mentor and maybe it is time for me to do some mentoring?

If there is a possible mentor in your life, I highly recommend that you connect with him or her to help you be more fully realized. Guidance from some one who has the knowing you desire can have a very positive result in your life.

This song I listened to on my Shuffle also lifted my higher today. It is One Love sung by Bono and Mary J Blige. One love is a powerful song that made me think, is there one love? The world is filled with love, is there only really one love we are either tapped into or not to varying degrees? I would say yes, what would you say?

I would say there is also one mind of which all minds are a part of that one mind? Does that make sense to you? How about one consciousness, which we are awakening into? I think so, how about you?

I want to explore this idea or one love, one mind and one consciousness further. On this trip, I am going to see what I can learn, observe, intuit and explore talking with others. Your ideas are truly welcome. Please leave your comments below.