Breathe And Be Present

It’s the weekend and I love to take it easy but not today.  I am excited about a couple of projects I am working on.  It seems as though I love to have projects.  I am the most productive if I have something that I can get accomplished, something with clear parameters.  

In November I wrote a novel and have gotten feedback and now am focused on revisions and some further editing.  Those tasks are about done.  Now I will have three people read it and edit it again and then I will take that feedback and make my final changes.  This is something I can do that I can see the results from.  Then I will most like self-publish and also look for an agent who would be interested in getting the book published.  All clear tasks I can accomplish.

My other project is to build more traffic to my blog and to our Peace Together site.  I have lots of ideas and can find many resources to help me with that task.  I will set time aside each day to make this project a success.  If by the way, you feel you get value from this blog, please do me a favor and forward my site to as many people as you know who might also benefit.  That would be a huge thank you from you to me.  

On the other end of the spectrum is my personal growth.  This life journey of mine is not so linear, not so easy to put into project chunks.  This is more about listening inward and being present in the moment.  Last night as I walked in meditation with  rambunctious winds and a beautiful starry night, I had a moment of clarity.  I have been traveling down this path in pursuit of consciousness and trying to be as fully self-realized as I can be.  Along the way I have explored many methods, ideas and practices all of which have enriched my life.  But last night, I understood very clearly as I looked into the heavens, I just need to breathe with awareness and be present in the moment.   Breathe and be present, what a wonderful set of doorways.  Either or both do the same thing.  When I am present I am open to living life as fully as is possible in each moment.  

Now I have explored and written about these ideas for many years, but in that moment I felt the truth of this insight in my soul.  I will now breathe with awareness and be present throughout my days.  Would you be interested in joining me in the moment?