How Do You Decide?

Decision-making can be very challenging.  Recently, I have been offered an opportunity to contribute to a local program which would utilize my skills in program design and treatment/recovery.   The time commitment and compensation doesn’t add up very well so I have been sorting out how does this serve me, how will I benefit as a way to feel positive about this opportunity.  My inner guidance has been paid attention to.  I have consulted with others and that has been very helpful.  I find with the help of their perspectives, I can make a more informed decision.

Life is full of choices and oftentimes these choices we make shape our lives.  Here are seven ways to sort out your decision-making so that you have all that you need to make the best possible choices for yourself:
1.    Always check in with your emotions.  Find out how you feel about what is possible.  Your feelings will guide you.  Be on the lookout for fear because it often misguides.
2.    Notice your physical response to what you are thinking about doing.  Feel if you open and expand into what you are considering or do you contract and close down.  
3.    Listening carefully for your intuition, your higher knowing.  There is always higher guidance available if you listen inward.   
4.    Write out the benefits of what you are considering.  How will you life be enriched?  How will you be better able to contribute or give of your unique skills?
5.    Seek the feedback of people who you can trust to give you more ways of looking at what you are considering.  Different viewpoints can be very helpful.
6.    Imagine going into this new choice you have made.  Feel it, sense it, try it on, and explore how it will be.  You imagination will tell you lots about the possibilities present.
7.    Be grateful for the opportunity to have choices.  Choices are a gift that you can choose to explore and enrich your life.  The more choices, the more blessed you are.

Each day presents you with decisions about ways to grow, to be more successful, to give, to receive, to contribute, to enjoy, to love and much more.  Take those choices and enjoy what life has given you.  There are many on the planet that would love to have all the options you have been given.   

Have a good day, and may you have many choices to choose from, all of which enhance you life.