Normal: Begin by Finding Your body

I wrote yesterday about figuring out what normal is and that it may have become a very elusive category.   Today I want to write about how to bring some order in your own life when you are surrounded by chaos.  

I have my doubts that normal is something we should even attempt to reclaim.  I want to share with you instead some ways to bring sanity to what can seem like a crazy world.  

First it is very important that you come back into your body.  Yes, I know you think you are already in your body.  The truth is most people live primarily in their head and thoughts.  You might be one of those folks that actually believe your thoughts are real.  They are not real, they are simply ideas or firings of the brain.  These ideas are only considered real because you think they are.  A questioning mind will help greatly in reducing the illusion of thoughts.

Part two of being in your body is about feeling yourself moving about in your life.  The body is full of aliveness and energy as you interact with the world around you.  Take your senses for example.  Your eyes, ears, nose, taste buds and other sensations give you a rainbow of information, appreciation and discernment about what is going on in the circles your travel in.

Part three of the body is that all your emotions are centered in your body.  Feel joy and fear; feel anger and panic; feel love and hate; and all other feelings; and you will find they reside as emotions in your body.  Expressed emotions vibrate and enliven the body.  Unexpressed emotions become tension, tightness and numbness.  

Part three (a)
of the body is a further sense of emotions.  Emotions are more like a rollercoaster, they rise and fall in your body on their own.  The easiest way to deal with a difficult emotion is to just note that you having it and then watch because it soon goes away on its own.  Most emotions whether uplifting or difficult come and go on their own so there really is no need to be run by what you feel.  Just watch and see; how you feel will soon change naturally.  

Take a few moments today and come into your body.  Feel yourself and your emotions and take some time to appreciate all your body has to offer.  Your body is an amazing asset designed to act in your best interest.  Learn to value all it has for enriching your life  

Tomorrow, I will visit another few ways to help you find peace in a disruptive world.  Enjoy your Friday and remember being in your body can be fun, think intimacy, laughter, playing sports, dancing, eating a tasty meal, and going for a walk in nature, along a stream, or on a sandy beach.