Play To Live Life Fully

Today is Friday and the weekend is ever so near.  What do you have planned for the next two days?  I look forward to another relaxed few days.  Maybe we will even play golf.  I enjoy playing golf because it is just plain fun for me.  I have played off and on my entire life and I enjoy it as both a challenge and as playful game.  Golf can be very frustrating if you take it too seriously.  If I am relaxed and try to do my best on each shot than I usually do pretty well or at the least have fun.  

Golf is a great metaphor for life.  

If you relax and try to do your best than things usually work out pretty well.  
If you don’t take what you are doing too seriously, you often enjoy what you are doing.  
If you show up and put in good effort than you can have a positive experience.  
If you don’t get too invested in the results you seek than things work out ok even if not exactly how you wanted it to be.
If you don’t have too much ego in what you are trying to accomplish than you can just be with what is.  
If you are willing to work at it you will get better.
If you keep a positive frame of mind than you will enjoy yourself no matter what happens.
If you don’t tighten up than things flow more easily.
If the score doesn’t matter that much than you will have more joy in life
If you laugh with friends while playing than you will know the enrichment of good company.
If you finish satisfied than you will know the way to feel at the end of each day.

Play golf or tennis, enjoy the outdoors, go for a hike, run a race, write a song, express your creativity, make love, share a meal with friends, dance to live music, take a class on something you want to learn or experience and you will find yourself learning and growing wiser from the play of life.  

Enjoy, play, be passionate, love often and be free.