Bush The Worse President Ever, Can McCain Be Even Worse?

Political comments is on tap today even though it is late and I am finally getting around to do my posting.  As I said a few days ago, John McCain is in full attack mode, which means he is fearful.  Unfortunately attack is the fall back for many human beings when they have closed minds and hearts.  That is why our government started this war because their thinking is rigid with very limited options and they are heartless.  People in touch with their hearts do not start wars.  Wars are always about ego and never about something God/Creator/Spirit wants.  Wars are human insanity.  McCain is an angry, fearful man who is looking to fight and that smells like even more trouble to me after the worst president in history has already left a huge mess.  

Actor John Voight is on the front page of the CNN website saying Obama will turn this country toward socialism.  That is always one of the tactics used by the Republican party to make people afraid.  Who cares what John Voight’s theories and why is he on CNN’s front page?  

Another Republican technique is to say Democrats are going to raise taxes.  This is again using fear.  This administration has built up a massive debt and Reagan did also both claiming fiscal conservative points of view, both talking about small government.  Bush has built a huge government structure of spying, torture, security etc all based on fear.  

When do you think Americans will stop falling for the fear card and started waking up to the outright manipulation by or government for the purpose of control.  My bias is the Republicans are against a democracy in favor of a more imperialistic type government.  That too me is the only explanation for why they always seem to violate the principles of democracy and leave everything in a mess when they exit office.  

Are you not tired of politicians saying one thing and doing the opposite?  Congress has been a total joke with its 9% approval rating after showing zero courage in holding this administration accountable.  My thought is we need to vote them all out and start over.  We couldn’t do much worse with all new people bringing new ideas.  

I could go on and on.  Please question what is going on, encourage your family to question and ask everyone you know questions to get people thinking.  We all need to wake up and find solutions to the mess we now have in the government that is suppose to belong to and represent the people.