How You Do Anything, Is How You Do Everything

Several years ago I was at an impressive money seminar and the author/speaker T Harv Eker had a reoccurring message he felt was important for us all to hear. That message was,” How you do anything, is how you do everything. “ This message is an important one and I find myself regularly thinking about what I am doing in this context. Am I doing what I intend to do with clarity and purpose and to the best of my ability. Am I showing up fully in what I am involved in? Do I care enough to do a good job and make a positive difference?

The most important aspects of this, how you do anything is how you do everything, are about your purpose, your passion and your presence. What purpose you bring to what you are doing will greatly influence the outcome. If you have a clear intention to do something of value, to express yourself in a way to better yourself, your community, your nation or the planet then that purpose will drive you to success. Daily it is the small steps taken with clarity of direction that real change comes about for you and the world.

Passion is the emotional engine that drives those that are successful. Doing things with passion means that every step matters because you feel what you are doing in your heart. If you think of the great agents of change in modern human history (Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Susan B. Anthony and others) you will see that passion drove them to do what they did daily step by step. The way of the heart is unstoppable.

Being fully present to what you do is very powerful in a quiet way. This moment is all you have not matter when this moment is. In the now there are endless possibilities available to you. If you are truly present you can make what you want happen. How you do each moment will shape your life in profound ways you may not ever comprehend. Today in the now is where all the action is. Live in this moment and you will do what you do with the potential for greatness.

Enjoy your weekend with awareness of your purpose, alive with your passion and fully present to the moment.