When Off Track, Return To The Quiet And Simple

My wife now has the flu I had over the weekend.  Her cold is also continuing and I can hear her coughing away upstairs.  I feel for her because I was just there myself.  It is not much fun when the cold and flu hits.  Usually I make it through the cold and flu season without getting either but under stressful times the immune system can be compromised.  I still feel stressed and tired from the circumstances of work and life these days.  The virus my wife has still seems to have some kind of hold on me yet.  I may need to go see a doctor to knock out remains. 

As I shared in my story yesterday, there has been much also stirred up mentally, emotionally and on a soul level.  When things get stirred up there is change in the air and the opportunity to expand awareness.  Getting knocked out of the comfort zone indicates to me that I may have been playing it too safe.  My growth may have flattened out and there is a need to get more active in my learning, in my pursuit of consciousness, in pushing myself towards some new goals.

I began the year focusing on expanding my relationship with my Higher Self.  Now I see that this relationship doesn’t really need more action but instead I have to patiently tune inward to deepen my journey.  This is hard for me to do because I work better when I have clarity about where I am going and in this new territory of my self-searching there are no roadmaps just practices that have worked in the past.  Lately some of those practices seem to not have the benefits they did in the past.  My sense is that the simple practices are much better for me than the complicated ones because my mind already does a good job of twisting me into a knot. 

Back to the simplest of mindful techniquesFind a quiet place to sit or walk and focus on breathing with awareness.  Tonight under the bright moon, I will walk from my center with the breath at the forefront.  Slowly in a relaxed way I will come back into myself, find my balance and move forward towards more awareness. 

Breathing in,
Noticing the breath,
Feeling the sensations,
Watching the thoughts,
Riding the waves of emotions,
Just being as I am.

There is no other moment,
There is only the now,
In the present is the only real human possibility,
Happiness, peace, love and consciousness await,
Freedom is in the watching,
Joy is in the now.


Peace Letter #57

Dear President Obama,

Looks like the filibuster is showing the self-serving ego driven nature of your opposition.  There are not real solutions being offered.  That lack of real ideas has to be pointed out very clearly regularly because for too long the words of the oppositional point of view of blaming and complaining against government has really been all the GOP has offered.  They come into office with the goal of destroying government by running up debt.  The people suffer from such a destructive ways.

Everyone knows change is needed and the people of this nation desire it.  Please bring the public options back onto the table and withdraw any secret agreements that might be holding you back from doing so because without a public option the insurance, drug and medical corporations remain clearly in the drivers seat.

Also end our involvement in war, it is costing much more than we have agreed to support.  We the mass majority of people want peace.

Joseph Bernard, Ph.D.

Join me and send President Obama emails of support and encourage the end of war and the other dysfunctional ways of government at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact