Sunday Comments About The Nature of The World

Yesterday I missed posting my blog because we stayed over night in Pueblo for a friend’s birthday party.  It is always interesting getting together with other people some who are good friends and others we don’t know.  The party was fun but there was little time for meaningful conversation and frankly that is what makes getting together with friends really interesting.  So we arranged a time to get together later this month.

It is a beautiful day here in Boulder.  I just got back from a long run up in the mountains where the wildflowers are out and there is purple and yellow everywhere.  This is why it is my favorite time of year because it is warm and beautiful here in Colorado.  This is the time of year that I enjoy living here.

The disaster oil spill in the Gulf is killing many of the naturally inhabitants of the area and kill commerce.  If you or I spilled oil that killed natural inhabitants or hurt business in our community we would face criminal charges.  It seems there needs to be some very strong action against BP.  This also indicates there is a big need to provide more checks on the oil industry and on corporations in general.  Corporate power is much too dominate in our world.  Even the president of the United States seems hesitant to take strong action against this corporation.

On the road Friday and back Saturday we listened to some more podcasts from Sounds True.  One was about exploring our spiritual nature, another program was from a person who had lost all of her savings because of Madoff and how she feels more enriched because of it, and the other was talking about the need to have a spiritual teacher to get past our own blindspots.  Each podcast was so informative, thought provoking and awareness producing.  Go to the Sounds True advertisement here at my site to find out more and to be greatly enriched.