Can’t We Just Get Along?

I don’t know about you but I suspect we are all tired of the political bickering going on in this country.  Since this President came into office the opposition have been on full out attack.   There appears to be no concern about what is best for the nation and the people.  The endless fighting seems to be about those out of power wanting to be back in power, not about how can we make this country better for all of us. 

The last President and his party’s unchecked capitalistic policies made a huge mess of our country.  The war in Iraq was another costly mistake.  The giant debt created and the government for the corporations from the last 8 years are now being blamed on this President, which is nothing less than ridiculous.  Yes I too am disappointed things are not going better but I can’t imagine how anything could get done in this political atmosphere of endless childish behavior by the those who have no constructive ideas or solutions except to attack, spread anger and fear.   Returning to how things were is just plain wrong.  Come on now, we are much smarter than the politicians think we are.  We need to bring about real changes for the good of everyone. 

Let start with dropping all the blaming and complaining.  The past teaches us what doesn’t work, so let’s learn from that.  We need to move on past the attacking mode and instead seek ways to turn this country in a healthy direction.  There is no Left or Right, these are just ideas that have little value except for creating drama.  The nation and its people need a government and plan that works. 

What is needed:

A country that meets the needs of the vast majority of its people

A school system that brings out the best in all the students

An economic system that is equally fair for all

An end to all wars, the killing of people, and huge damage to our nation’s economy

A healthcare system that provides for every citizen equally well

A strategy to take care of the planet

A way for all nations to resolve conflict

An end to religious fanatics of all faiths telling the rest of us what to believe

A mental health system that truly helps people with illness and addiction

A justice system free of political points of view

A world free of fear mongering and instead guided by compassion for all

A news and media focused on truth rather than opinion

A world emphasis on kindness, freedom, and happiness

A technical focus on alternative fuels and a green and sustainable economy

A government that serves the interest of the people first and foremost

A more equitable distribution of prosperity for all citizens


Together we can solve all the problems with creative solutions.