2011 The Year of Positive Changes, Part 2


What kind of positive changes do you want to see in 2011?  Yesterday’s post was about inner changes now let’s talk about changes in the world.  There are many things that could change for the positive that would enrich all of us.  Here are the ones on my mind today:

That we put down our weapons of war and start resolving our problems from the place of compassion and understanding

That there be full health-care for all that is more comprehensive then the present reforms

That we all slow down the judging mind so that we can see solutions and find the positive in others

That we the people are the power of this nation not those with the most money

That compassion replaces greed as the driving force of humanity

That higher consciousness replaces the ego dominance in the world

That the criminal justice system shifts from imprisonment to treatment

That those run by false beliefs and false rationalizations be seen for their lack of consciousness and no longer paid attention to

That financial prosperity becomes the reality of all citizens of the world not just a very small number

That religious mega organizations be replaced by spiritually guided inquiry, generosity, compassion and kindness

That the ego minds fear based reality be replaced by the wisdom of the heart and the spirit within each of us

That education becomes alive with learning based on creativity, being a more realized human being, about lessons in consciousness and caring, about making a positive difference in the world, and about seeking real solutions to the challenges of our time.

That the 40 hour work week by reduced and revised so there is much more time for self-care, for time to contemplate, for time to travel and seek a deeper understanding of life

That there are support groups all over the world that mentor anyone who seeks to be a more fully realized human being

That the intuitive knowing within all of us be more fully accessed and through this inner wisdom we are all guided to our highest expression

That a fully focused program be designed and implemented for the health of the planet for future generations

That profits not longer be the guiding force of this nation but rather the well-being of all its citizens

That election and political reform come along and eliminate all money influences so our elected officials serve us, not the flow of money

That politicians act with wisdom toward the greater good

That we all explore being fully present so that we can experience the love, happiness, hope and peace that resides in the now

There is much more to add here.  What else is important to you? 

2011 is rich with potential for positive changes.  What will you do to make a difference?