Love, Wash It All Away

Yikes it is minus 10 degrees out there and I am trying to get brave enough to go for a well bundled run. I hope it is warmer where you live.

The Midnights With The Mystic book is coming to an end and I have had a number of profound insights compliments of those pages.  I highly recommend this book if the wisdom of an enlightened teacher interests you.  I am also reading Ram Dass’s new book called Be Love Now, which is a journey back into the days Ram Dass had a wonderful teacher in India who he called Maharaj-ji.  This teacher was the inspiration for my favorite Ram Dass book, a cult classic called, Be Here Now.   This latest book is not only a retrospective but also shares the ongoing insights he continued to receive from sitting in the presence of pure, divine, unconditional love many years ago.  That divine love keeps teaching Ram Dass today even though Maharaj-ji died in September 1973.

The Daughters of Joy by Deepak Chopra, Be Love Now by Ram Dass, and Midnights With The Mystic by Sadhguru and Cheryl Simone all share the depth of human possibilities that call us to a life of expanded awareness and aliveness.  Each book is about higher forms of love that are possible in all of us.  This got me thinking that love keeps on showing up for me through the universe providing me with these books to read.  Maybe there is a deeper level of knowing about love that I have yet to discover.

Ram Dass has brought the focus of his life to this simple mantra: “I am loving awareness.”  I am going to try living in this space of being loving awareness and see where it will take me.  In my work with addicts, I get to help others explore awareness and  how to open to their potential to love again not only others but also themselves.  This is good work and being immersed in it and working on keeping an open heart is also great inner work for me.  I probably have learned to love more unconditionally through my clients than in any other part of my life.

Say to love, wash it all away,” is a sentence I wrote down recently from these readings and I keep feeling the expanding soothing quality of these words.  I am starting to realize more fully that love has the ability to take all my burdens and blocks away. 

Would you join me and be loving awareness and say to love, wash it all away?  Then you and I can be free to find the way to being our ultimate nature.

Love, please wash it all away.