Change Stirs Things Up

Today’s post is short and there will be a guest post tomorrow as things have really intensified about where we are moving to and finding a place to live.  It is all very exciting and also anxiety producing.  So now I get to practice being mindfulness as I want to be fully present to this process and able to both by clear in my thinking and also open to the intuitive and higher knowing that wants to guide me in this journey. 

Today’s practice for my personal freedom is to live in the now.  Yes I know that is the only place you can live anyway but that doesn’t keep the mind from slipping into old habits like worrying about the future or obsessing about the past.  With all this move stuff going on it could be easy to move to worry and not settle into the moment.  I know I feel more comfortable when I know where I will be staying when I travel and the same it true about finding a new home. 

The challenge is that my wife and I had in mind a place on the Oregon Coast then we found out some things about this place and we got thinking about other options and that just happened last night so we are in a more anxious mode about.  Anxiousness can be both in positive anticipation and also in the fear of not knowing.  I choose to be in excitement about finding a new place to live and then moving there and exploring it.

Well I will keep you posted and do my best to be full present throughout this day.  I will let you know how it goes and what I learn in the process.