Got Lost, Need To Remain Grounded

On Saturday I fully intended on writing a post after I returned from a long run up into the forest.  However I encountered a slight problem.  We had this map and we were going to meet back at the car in two hours.  I was going to run this loop trail that seemed easy to do in the amount of time we had planned.  The first 90 minutes were almost all up hill.  Eventually I came out onto a road and thought this isn’t what the map showed.   At some point after wrong turns, a rollercoaster of hills and feeling very tired, I could feel the wind from the ocean and followed it back to Highway 101.  Six hours later I made it back to the car. 

The trail we thought we were on was further up the road.  I had run to the top of the ridge and was clearly not going where I thought I was and actually ended several miles south of where we live and even further from where the car was.   My wife went to get her mountain bike and was going to go find me.  I hitched a ride to where the car was and waited for her return.  I could not go up the trail looking for her because I had already gone 6 hours.  I kept honking the horn and she trusting her intuition at some point and headed back and heard the horn.

The next day I was really sore and still hungry from the adventure.  I decided I needed to be careful.  As I go inward I have to watch out that I keep grounded.  Part of me wants to leave the earth plane and travel on higher levels of consciousness.  Hilda Charlton talks about traveling on the Soul plane where she loves to hang out with other highly conscious souls.  I feel that same draw, to join in oneness but I also have a body and need to stay in this world while I am here.  I was talking to an excellent psychic yesterday Joseph Vasquez (from Portland) who gave me a grounding exercise using my base or root chakra. 

This exercise evolves me imagining that I am sending my energy down through the base of my spine through a golden rod, which connects me to the earth.  He said as I explore into higher realms I need to keep connected so I can integrate what I learn as I go up.  That makes great sense to me.  I will be doing my grounding every day as I go exploring other planes of existence.

Lately it seems the universe is providing us all the information we need as we create this new life for ourselves.  This morning I began my inner work sitting along the ocean and I had a very expansive experience entering into the ocean of consciousness.  I will write more about this experience tomorrow.