6 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned By Taking A Chance On Freedom


I love living at the ocean. It feels as though I have come home. It has been a year this week since we took a chance and uprooted our lives by moving to the Oregon coast. In preparation, I quit my job, we sold one of our cars, filled a large rental truck to capacity and said goodbye to the great friends we made in Colorado.

My wife Bobbi, Pax our dog and myself headed out on the road late one afternoon for what we thought would be a two-day journey. Not long into Wyoming the rental truck hit some rough roads and began to rock side-to-side. I thought, “Holy Shit! I am going to dump this truck on its side and all our stuff we be scattered across Hwy 80."

Bobbi, driving behind in our car, was frantically and helplessly watching the truck’s dangerous rocking. Imagine a cartoon scene with the truck out of control and the two people involved with their hair standing on edge and eyes bulging.

By some miracle of good fortune, I was able to slow the truck down and stop the swaying. I was shaking but filled with gratitude.

Rental companies don’t give you driving instructions on these big trucks. I had no idea trucks would flex that much without breaking or crashing. Thankfully we survived that near disaster.

We survived other close calls including: a flat tire on the rental truck; being in the middle of nowhere with a gas tank on empty; and a very long 13-hour drive the third day to make it to our new home.  Just writing about I can still feel that last day driving in my body. It went on-and-on-and-on.

Because of the advice of my friend Paul, we had two young, strong guys waiting that evening when we arrived. Before long the truck was empty. We found our mattress and settled into our first night falling asleep to the sound of the ocean.

This has been a very enlightening 365 days. I wanted to share with you 6 profound lessons of life from this year on the very edge of North America.

1.         It takes courage to change – Entering the mystery of the unknown brought me face-to-face with both a screaming voice of inner fear and the joyous child that can’t wait to go exploring. Both are part of you and me.  We can play it safe or go for life with all we’ve got. 

A courageous heart is a good companion when you decide the risky path is the one that is calling you. Go boldly forward even when it scares the crap out of you.  Feel the fear and do it anyway. The rewards are endless and liberating.

2.         Go for what you want in life – I am worthy of such a life and so are you. Do I need to say that again? You deserve having the life you want. I now better understand that I do deserve. You can too; it’s time to disable that self-doubt button.

You can have what you want but you first need to get clear what that is. Then set a plan to make it happen and take action. There are no failures, just sometimes very handy feedback.  Keep adjusting your course until you get where you want to go.

3.         Trust your intuition and the universe – I have come to trust in the mysterious parts of life that spring up in me and around me. My inner voice of intuition is a powerful guide that absolutely knows what to do and where to go. Backing this intuitive knowing is our shared consciousness, infinite possibilities and the Source Energy of the Universe. 

Listening inward is essential. Tapping into expanded levels of consciousness takes you higher.  Aligning with your soul puts you in direct contact with The Source. You always have the guidance you need waiting inside.

4.         Nature heals, Beauty uplifts – I have been healed and uplifted by this place of such raw nature and incredible beauty. Nature works it magic by bringing you and I into balance and harmony. We return to our natural state. Beauty inspires appreciation and that brings us home to the now.

Appreciating nature and a beauty brings you into the present moment where healing takes place and inspiration is activated. A quiet walk in a park or the joyous reception of a smiling face invites you to expand into a greater you more capable of amazing expression and real joy.

5.          Recreating your life takes much focus and new learning – Part of this new expression is building a way to financially sustain myself. Building a business for my financial sustainability has pushed me to explore lots of new ideas, seek the guidance of experts and to be disciplined in my work. New adventures in personal expression push us all to greater heights of self-expression.

If you want to recreate your life, you will find yourself on a journey of much exploration and learning including mastering how- to corral your mind and energy. Even in the worst of times, when the unknown is challenging you, the realization that you are free to create whatever you want is very uplifting.  All you have to do is move forward, be true to yourself and it will all work out in amazing ways.

6.           It’s all about opening – My most recent learning has been very profound. You and I are buried, blocked, surrounded, contained by our thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. None of this blockage is necessary. We are not our thoughts, our past, our memories or the feelings we have stuffed inside.

Open, step past the rubble of a lifetime. Accept all that has been and then let it go. You are not any of the past or will you be any of the future. You are infinite and eternal; you are the purest love and highest consciousness. Imagine you being light and love that has no limits. Open now, all the way. Just be in that openness and enjoy.

I hope you find these lessons of value. Please share your experiences of change and inspiration in the comments section below.

If you are ready to shift your life, I am ready to provide you with much support and encouragement. Let me know if you have any questions.