Just Say YES

In the last post, I shared with you the basic life attitudes of Yes, Maybe and No. I advocated for the importance of living the Yes way. Yes is the very best response to the chaotic world we live in.

I decided to follow up the last post with what to say YES too. I know in my heart Yes is more fun, healthier and what works best for creating the life you want.

This is a long list which is exciting because that means there are so many energizing and joyous ways to say Yes.

If you are willing to play with this list of Yes possibilities, I can make you a promise You will love living your life this way.

Each day, in every way, say YES to the following:

*  Yes to this moment, be present, live now – this is where all the happiness happens, the seeds get planted and doing gets done.

*  Yes to the voice of your heart – your heart is full of deeper wisdom and endless love.

*  Yes to the voice of your soul – your soul is the part of you that is infinite and eternal and one with the Source.

*  Yes to pursuing your desires – desire is a driving force towards you more fully expressing all that you are.

*  Yes to being – life is about being present to it, you can just be and what is to happen will arise from that.

*  Yes to exploring your creativity – you have within you a creative urge to express your unique gifts and greatness.

*  Yes to loving and being loved – if there is one thing that matters most, it is the expression of your love to self and to the world.

*  Yes to expressing compassion – the more your compassion and kindness are expressed, the better the world will be.

*  Yes to living in awareness – awareness offers the gift of self-appreciation and is what you need for making healthy choices.

*  Yes to moving into the light- move towards what has light and lightness in it, towards what is enlightening.  

*  Yes to entering the flow – the flow of life is everywhere and life works best when you go with the flow.

*  Yes to prosperity and abundance – this flow is also about opening, willing to receive and not about willpower and determination.

*  Yes to easy and effortless – find ways that are simpler and take less effort and explore them.

*  Yes to Relief – when stuck in intensity, move towards what will bring you relief.

*  Yes to higher consciousness and awakening – the biggest life involves seeking more consciousness and awakening to your infinite nature.

*  Yes to the awareness of unity/oneness – living in the realization of connection to all humanity, opens your heart to deep compassion.

*  Yes to inner peace and world peace – finding the stillness and peace within helps you bring peace to the world.

*  Yes to personal freedom – if you listen inward, you will hear guidance on how to set yourself free.

*  Yes to grace and blessings – you can live in the state of grace by appreciating the endless blessings around you.

*  Yes to growth and learning – life is an ongoing journey of personal growth and non-stop learning, so enjoy.

*  Yes to joy as your guide – joy is the perfect guide, if you feel joy you are heading just where you need to go.

*  Yes to you are so much more – go in the direction of stillness, your vastness, the unknown and the presence.

*  Yes to nature – the natural world is healing, soothing, calming and just what you need when the busy world gets you down or confused.  

*  Yes to appreciate beauty – there is beauty in almost everything, go in search of the beauty in yourself, others and the world.

*  Yes to following you bliss – go with what makes you happy, it works better and feels better.

*  Yes to totally loving and accepting yourself – this is the bottom line and the best way to live life.

*  Yes to stillness – In the quiet now there is a deep calm filled with peace and knowing, listen deeply and be guided. 

*  Yes to following your intuition – this inner voice is true knowing you can count on and when followed everything is possible.

*  Yes to following your passion – the fire of passion takes you on a journey that is full of aliveness and rich with satisfaction.

*  Yes to living with purpose – you have a powerful purpose, if you get stuck wondering what to do, start opening your heart and mind.

*  Yes to exploring life as an experiment – each day is full of new possibilities; why not explore everything you can.

*  Yes to living as spiritual being – you are a spiritual being having a human experience, each day express your spirit and spread your light more fully.

This should be enough Yes to keep you busy for a while. Let me know when you are ready for more.

PS Please feel free to add to the YES list in the comments section. Your ideas will be appreciated by everyone.