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Questions You Need To Ask To Bring Out The Best In You In 2015

I want to suggest a deeper exploration over this next year. This turn inward is important and will enhance your life in many ways.

Let’s Begin

If you are not questioning your thoughts, internal dialogue, opinions, beliefs, and fears then you put your life on hold.

If you are not questioning your need to be right, to be in control or the expectations you have on yourself and others then you keep spinning in old behaviors.

If you find you fall into blaming and complaining, judging and making others wrong, then you are limiting yourself because of your thoughts.

Your old ways may have worked to get you where you are in life but they aren’t going to take you to the next level of where you want to be.

If you want to be a more advanced expression of who you are in 2015 it is necessary for you to actively explore and question yourself and examine how you are doing your life.

Possible Barriers In You

Here are a number of possible blocks that must be explored with depth as soon as possible:

  • You may be stuck in the endless loop of your childhood programming.
  • You may have, the false ideas of others, running your life.
  • You may be lacking the self-awareness you need to move your life to the next level.
  • You may be controlled by the smallness of your ego-mind instead of being guided by the bigness of your higher mind and soul.
  • You may be living under the limits of false beliefs/ideas of your peers, your social/religious/training and the endless myths propagated by advertising and the media.
  • You may still be living according to decisions you made about life as a small child.
  • You most likely have old thoughts generating old feelings that disrupt your life.
  • You may want to be a positive force for a better world but you can’t change the outer world before your change your inner ways.
  • You may have inner conversations that cause you unnecessary fear, anger and suffering.
  • You may be blocking any chance of happiness or peace of mind because of what you think on a daily basis.

These points have truth for most everyone. Being more aware will allow you to move beyond these limits and take you to a higher level of consciousness.

As you get a glimpse of who you are through this questioning and exploring, please be kind and compassionate. Any being critical or unkind towards yourself is old learned behavior.

You were taught falsely and so was everyone else.

So now the goal is to be aware, to see who you have been, and what your mind has been up to. From there you can choose to live with more awareness and clearer choices.

Questions are the opening, awareness arises from that, then with compassion and conscious choices you take your life where you want it to be.

P.S. In 2015 I am going to invite more self-awareness to empower your life. I am going to be doing a 365 days of awareness on Twitter. You can connect with me there and/or get the highlights of that exploration here at my blog.

Have the most wonderful holiday season - full of love, joy and inspiration.

I am looking forward to sharing 2015 with you,


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