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The Awakening Self

I recently returned from a conference (Science and Non-Duality) filled with people interested in consciousness. I went in search of others who have had awakening experiences and those who shared my interest in awareness and higher consciousness.

The people I met there were the ones I went looking for. They were full of life, open in mind and heart and in search of a deeper expression of who they are. It was a gathering of like-minded souls.  

Being with such alive and vibrant people dedicated to learning and exploring life reminded me of you, the readers of my blog. Each of you is on your own unique journey.

No journey is like another. The exploring of being you is often without a roadmap. Sometime in the dark, other times in the light. You move forward the best you can each day. Some days you might feel happy or emotionally overrun. Other days you may feel compassion for yourself as you get a glimpse of who you are in the midst of struggle.


These moments when you observe, sense or understand yourself, you expand self-awareness.

As you become more aware you find yourself in touch with a deeper sense of Self. This Self is beyond the ordinary ways you find yourself living in the world, beyond the programming of your childhood and your past. It’s even beyond the concerns you have about the future.

This Self is who you really are and it wants expression in your life.

When you experience even for a moment this higher sense of you an understanding arises that your limits are no longer there and you feel connected to the infinite consciousness of all of creation.

Each moment you are present, is a gift that invites more awareness. As you see, notice and expand in self-awareness you see there are no limits to the ways you can express yourself.

As these awakening insight progress you begin to realize that you are not your thoughts, feelings, ideas or beliefs. All this mind noise is just a passing parade of words, which you have given meaning to in the past. Ultimately you see that your are never the noise of your ordinary mind.

You will even see that old patterns and habits are nothing more than your own inventions. At these moment of clarity you realize you are the creator of all your life experiences.

When you experience that, you are on the road to the freedom of consciously choosing your experiences of life. At that level of conscious choice, most if not all, suffering is replaced by the mental, emotional and heart space of your own choosing.

Once in the place of conscious choice you can engage your heart in the compassionate understanding that the suffering in others is not any different than the suffering in you.

Seeing this expands your consciousness and awakens a more compassionate heart.

Who You Really Are

You are an infinite being jammed into a bag of skin trying to figure out how to return to your original state of oneness with the  source of all creation. This is the very same journey we all share.

Awakening is to understand that you are not your story, your experiences, your life-lessons, your pain or your past. Your higher nature is untouched by all of that.

Now you are on track to know and be who you really are and in so doing you encourage and inspire others to expand also. Imagine a world full of awakened beings recreating the human experience from one of struggle and suffering to one of freedom and joy.

Right now if you take the time to be fully present to who you are in this moment you will see that joy, love, peace and freedom are always there waiting for you. Awake to that knowing each day and you are free to live the most amazing life.  

PS. This month of December always feels so full. Don’t forget to take time to nurture yourself and enjoy time in silence and quiet contemplation. That will recharge you and keep your heart open to those you want to be with.

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