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Little Shifts Take You Higher

If you pay attention you will notice small shifts happening in how you see yourself and the world. These shifts become more powerful when you acknowledge them and invite a deeper awareness.

When conscious shifts happen new doorways are opened and you have fresh opportunities to expand the expression of who you are.

A recent encounter with the stream that flows near my home is an example of the potency of the moment.

I was sitting alongside the stream just enjoying the flow. At one point I realized that I had joined the water at the level of my senses. My ears were soothed by the sounds. My eyes were fascinated by the ever-changing movements of the water. My nose was enjoying its bouquet. My touch felt the wandering spray. Even my brain was under the calming influence and my heart felt deeply connected to the flowing feeling of aliveness.

As I write this I’m brought back into the experience of my expanded sense of unity with that stream. This connection reminds me of my oneness with all of life including the Source from which we all flow.

RememberIng a favorite novel by Herman Hesse, Siddhartha, I too learned as I listened to the wisdom of this stream.   

Take notice when you are present to yourself and the world. See how that presence shifts you into more expanded states of being.

P.S. My novel The World According To GUS is now also available in e-book form. This novel questions the basics ideas about God and religion and will invite you into a deeper connection with the Guiding Universal Source (GUS) of the Universe.


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