I'm Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. My work is guiding and encouraging you to live with purpose, to set a course towards a greater realization of what is possible for your life, and to expand your opportunities for greater happiness, peace, and love. As you grow it benefits humanity and makes you an active participant in making a positive difference in the world. 

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Inspirations From The Road - Day One

Today was day one of our journey. We drove for about 9.5-10 hours and now are in a nice air conditioned room and relaxing. We spent many hours listen to a book on CD called Father Joe. I had heard positive things about this book and now that I have heard about 5 hours of it. This is an inspirational story about a priest who is full of heart and consciousness. I got lucky on that pick at the library yesterday. Listening to a book while driving long distances sure makes the time fly. Having Father Joe’s wisdom to uplift us has been a real gift.

The story about this young man and his mentor priest got me thinking about how precious it is to have someone of wisdom and insight to talk with for awareness, perspective and guidance. I found myself wishing I had that when I was a young man. Now, however, I am much closer in age to Father Joe. I’ve had several mentors but mainly through their writings and talks. I guess it is never too late to have a mentor and maybe it is time for me to do some mentoring?

If there is a possible mentor in your life, I highly recommend that you connect with him or her to help you be more fully realized. Guidance from some one who has the knowing you desire can have a very positive result in your life.

This song I listened to on my Shuffle also lifted my higher today. It is One Love sung by Bono and Mary J Blige. One love is a powerful song that made me think, is there one love? The world is filled with love, is there only really one love we are either tapped into or not to varying degrees? I would say yes, what would you say?

I would say there is also one mind of which all minds are a part of that one mind? Does that make sense to you? How about one consciousness, which we are awakening into? I think so, how about you?

I want to explore this idea or one love, one mind and one consciousness further. On this trip, I am going to see what I can learn, observe, intuit and explore talking with others. Your ideas are truly welcome. Please leave your comments below.



Story Telling Time To Wake You Up

Today I begin a 3 week car journey and I am excited. We first travel to Saint George, Utah and tomorrow to Palm Springs for the IONS conference. Then to Santa Barbara and the last week will be in Oregon. I will keep the journal going most days and write about the inspirations and ideas I discover. Today I want to share with you an excellent book that I have been reading. The book is in story form and full of what the author calls, “rules of the game.” The book is titled, Stop Struggling and Start Living by Elfreda Pretorius.

What I most like about the book is that it is a teaching story and that it is written well enough to keep my attention. The story is about a guy who is not doing well and desperate. He finds himself about to end his life when a person appears to talk with him. They have this lengthy discussion about life on this mountain top. I find many of the lessons good reminders and the book is full of questions worth thinking about.

I very much appreciate books that tell stories and also wake me up at the same time, great summer reading material. I have always loved good stories that have heart, that make me think, that expand my viewpoint, that increase my awareness and provide me with insights into myself and life. Some of my favorites include: The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman; Joshua by Joseph Girzone; Illusions by Richard Bach; Wandering Taoist by Deng Ming-Dao; Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield are a few that come to mind. Most of these books have follow-up books also worth reading. These kinds of stories are enjoyable to read and leave me a better person in some way.

It seems I am kind of a consciousness junky. I love reading that takes me higher. Can you identify with that? The world needs as many people awake as possible. Reading is one great way to expand ourselves. There are certainly lots of self-improvement books out there. A good story to me is just a more fun way to learn and grow.

Have a good read and be a more awake person. The world needs you and me to show up alert and ready to make a difference.


Body, Fitness and Energy

I was thinking I needed to write about the importance of the body as more then a vehicle that caries me around. The body is a source of energy and wisdom. A healthy body serves you and I in many ways. Body health is being strong, flexible, fit and well fed. When you have a body that is well taken care of with a healthy diet, exercise and time to relax, then you have a powerful partner for the work of you mind, heart and spirit.

I want to talk about a healthy diet first because food plays a big part in how much energy we have. I am not a diet expert but have explored the topic extensively over the years. Eating what is good for my body, mind and heart has become my guide. I eat to fuel me, to keep my mind functioning optimally and for the health of my heart and fitness. When I listen to my body, I know what it needs. (A word of caution here: eating to soothe your emotions can often be less then healthy, talking is better.)

A full program of exercise is important to keep the body running well. I prefer to work out daily because I feel better doing so. Exercise energizes me, keeps my body and heart healthy and clears my mind. My exercise includes endurance work, strength building and flexibility. I prefer cross-training rather then just one kind of exercise. Variety is excellent for maximizing exercise. Yoga and Tai Chi are two practices that I find very valuable.

Eating well and keeping fit gives me the stamina to keep on going through the challenges of life.

One other aspect of the body I wanted to address was the body wisdom. The body is a sensing, processing and feeling masterpiece. The wisdom of the body comes from its innate knowing. The body senses the truth beyond the words. The body feels what is going on at a level more tuned in than the mind. The gut instinct is a powerful predictor of what is coming your and my way. There is wisdom at the cellular level that represents the entire history of human development on the planet. The body is a sure guide when you and I learn to listen to it.

Take good care of the body, let it relax and repair when needed and listen carefully to its knowing guidance. You will benefit greatly from doing so.


Take A Day Of Rest

Today is a nice day to be alive. This day has been offered to you and I to do what we want with it. We can make it a day of relaxation, of love, of joy, of play and fun, of peace, of rest, of creative expression or whatever would be easy and restful.

Sunday drives are a nice things to do. Go someplace, not to far away, and enjoy the change of scenery. Get a massage, take a nap, sit on the couch and read a good book. Go for an easy walk in nature. Sit in a hot bath and contemplate an ideal life. Watch a movie at home or the theatre. What do you love to do that is easy and fun and relaxing?

My rest day involves an early run, writing this blog and some fun golf with friends in the early evening. I like to play on my days off. I enjoy my daily workouts, so even on my rest days I get some kind of exercise in. My favorite rest day activities include: golf, tennis, painting and collage work, naps, sitting out in a beautiful place in nature and just taking it in, sleeping in and doing some kind of fun activity. I know I am an active person so sometimes the best way for me to rest is to go to a spa and get a massage and then sit in a hot springs until I am ready to nap. I am thinking of this great little place up on the Columbia River where they have these big old tubs to soak in and then they wrap you up in blankets and let you sweat until your massage. I am going to be in Oregon later this month. I may have to go find that place.

Please take a day for rest regularly. It will refresh you and make your sharper for the times you are active and doing what you need to do. Vacations are great for that. Hope you had one recently or have one coming soon?

I will be starting a vacation on Tuesday; I am really looking forward to this one. I will travel to an IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) conference in Palm Springs for 4 days; then to Santa Barbara, my previous home base for a week; and then to Oregon to see my family and all there is to see and explore there.

I will keep my blog going most of the time on this trip to share my insights and inspirations.

Rest days sooth you body, mind, heart and spirit.


Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods and Nature

Today was a day to explore more of beautiful Colorado. We drove to the top of Pikes Peak which is 14,110 feet high. The clouds kept us from much of the view but we could still get some incredible glimpses of the world down below. Being out in nature is always special to me.

I feel like I am in touch with something so much greater then me in this place of such natural beauty. Then when I think even deeper I am aware of myself as part of nature and open to the expansiveness that nature is. This awareness awakens a consciousness of the unlimited aspects of my mind, heart and spirit. Nature takes me higher. I hope it does that same for you.

After coming out of the clouds we drove through the Garden of the Gods. Both Pikes Peak and this spectacular garden of huge stunning read rocks are near Colorado Springs. All these places are new to me. I have driven past the Springs, read the sign to the Garden of the Gods and seen the Peak in clouds a number of times. This time however we took the time to explore and were very glad we did. From the visitor’s center of the Garden you get a great view of the natural sculptures of the Gods. Next time you are on I-25 heading through Colorado Springs exit the highway and head for the Garden of the Gods. Again you get to meet and greet nature at it’s finest.

Yes, that beauty is in you too. You are also an amazing creation of the Gods. I hope you recognize and have a moment for gratitude and acknowledgement for the miracle your life is. I am very grateful to be in touch with nature, the nature in me, the nature that you are, and the nature of the Creative Force that blessed us all with this existence. We share this time in human history and together we can live in oneness with the unlimited possibilities nature shows us every time we look.

Travel well and let nature inspire the best in you.