I'm Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. My work is guiding and encouraging you to live with purpose, to set a course towards a greater realization of what is possible for your life, and to expand your opportunities for greater happiness, peace, and love. As you grow it benefits humanity and makes you an active participant in making a positive difference in the world. 

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The Rainforests Can Teach You How to Make a Difference

Last night I had the great privilege of sharing my evening with about 75 people here in Boulder as we listened to Lynne Twist talk about Pachamama Alliance  www.pachamama.org.  Lynne is the former executive director of the World Hunger Project and one of the world’s greatest fundraisers. If you ever get an opportunity to hear Lynne speak please go listen and have your heart touched. Lynne’s heart is as big as the earth and she spreads much love and light wherever she goes. She is one of the caretakers of the planet.

The Pachamama Alliance is about saving the Amazon Rainforest which is a kind of the breathing center for the earth. The Achuar are the indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. Until 1997 the Achuar had no contact with the outside world. They are a dream culture that uses their dreams to live in harmony and to work out their challenges. In their dreams the Achuar had seen the coming of a threat from the outside world before it occurred (the oil companies where going to attempt to buy rights to search for oil from the government of Ecuador). They sensed what they needed to do was to make contact through their dreams with powerful people on the planet to help them. Lynne was one of 12 people called in her dreams to go. I know that sounds a little strange but listen to Lynne tell the story and you will get goose bumps.

What came out of her contact with the Achuar was that Lynne left the passionate work of the World Hunger Project to others and started the Pachamama Alliance. She knew nothing about the rainforest and the environment but once she and her husband met the people and saw what was at stake, she had no choice but take this call of the rainforest on. She commited herself fully to saving rainforest and saving the planet. If you are interested check out the website and learning more at www.pachamama.org. Don’t missing seeing the video on the site called a New Dream.

Why does this matter to you and I and our lives? There are several key ingredients here about the health of the planet and civilization. One is the indigenous people have much to teach us about nature, balance, harmony and heart. There is a real need for those lessons in the world we live in.

Another is the planet needs the rainforest to be healthy. This huge belt of thriving biodiversity keeps the earth breathing with life. Watch the New Dream video and you will see what I am talking about.

Thirdly it is now time we start thinking for future generations so that those still to come have a planet to live on that can sustain them? The earth is our home and you and I need to take care of it as we do for our house and our family. We all share this planet together.

I haven’t written very much about the environment but it is always on my mind. If you want to explore the subject more take some time to learn from Alliance information and find out about the ideas of sustainability, greening your home and business and about your carbon footprint.

Together with knowledge, compassion and consciousness there is no limit to the good we can do and the positive influence we can have in the world.


The Silent Force Of Giving From Your Heart

Today I wanted to talk with you about a powerful force you can release in your life. That force is called giving. When you and I give, we set into motion a reaction that will bring back to us the same energy of our giving. In other words if we joyfully give to someone our time or help them in some way, that sets into motion that giving or help coming back to us in some form. What we put out comes back to us. The quality of our giving also makes a difference. If you and I give with joy, love, passion, and enthusiasm than our giving will be more powerful. If we give out of obligation and hesitation, the giving has much less force. Money given to an individual or organization that you feel very supportive of and want to encourage their success is a powerful force released to do good both for the receiver and the giver.

What are some ways of giving that can make a difference in the world and in your life? One way of giving is to give money. Money is a very useful commodity and when it is given to support a cause you believe in then it is money you feel good about giving. This kind of giving is most powerful when you charge it with positive thoughts and visualize it being used to make a difference. Giving is best when you feel a strong inner knowing that this is right and what you want to do. When you give from such high intention, you will receive in some way from an equally high place. Does that make sense?

Another way of giving is to give of your time. Volunteering is a wonderful way of giving. When you give your time then you always get back something of equal value. I know many people who have an organization they love to volunteer for because they feel so good for helping out. These good feelings from helping out sometimes seem so much more than they have given. There are many opportunities in your community for giving, just check your local paper to find where the needs are and what you would enjoy doing.

One way of giving is through our thoughts and blessings/prayers/meditations. You can give quietly with intention to those who you feel can use support. If you have a friend who is struggling then sit quietly and send them your love. Do you know someone you feel gratitude towards? You can sit and send them the positive energy of gratefulness. How about a family member in a major transition in life? You can see them in your mind and heart doing well, enjoying their new freedom, being uplifted by life, realizing who they are more fully or having whatever qualities they need to thrive in their life. You can even bless those who have you over for dinner, your employer, your co-workers, your friends etc. All these quiet thank yous are a kind way of giving and appreciating.

As I was writing this I got some insight myself. Giving also gives me an opportunity to value what I give. I write this blog every day to be an inspiration to those that read it. My giving is because I want to make a positive difference in your life and in the world. I just understood in a new and deeper way that this giving through writing is of value, no matter the results or how many people read it, because it is my giving from my heart and my consciousness. I just sat up a little more now realizing that this blog is about me giving the best I know how to give. This writing is of real value because it comes from my purpose that is about uplifting and inspiring the higher realization of you and me. Anything done with passion and purpose and filled with compassion is a great offering to the world.

I was inspired to write this journal entry by the Deepak Chopra’s book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. His chapter on giving is a wonderful teaching. Thank you Deepak for the light you send out into the world.


For it is in giving that we receive.
St. Francis of Assisi

There's a great joy in my giving. It's thrilling. It's exhilarating. It's important to be a part of sharing. It is my love. It is my joy.
W. Clement Stone


Today Is A Very Good Day To Be Alive

Today is a very good day to be alive. Why, because it is the best possible option I have. If I am going to live my life as fully as I can, I need to start with today. Today I can appreciate all that I have as it is. I can choose how to view this day and what happens. Each day offers me multiple choices and I choose how to experience each of those moments. The key here is choice and what I do with it? It is these choice points where I shape my experience of my life moment by moment.

My options are to take this day as a gift and to be grateful for another day of living or I can grumble, mumble and stumble through the day. I can be unconscious and just be run by habit and fear or I can be awake and make my day one of purpose and intention. I can be discouraged or challenged by what the day presents to me. I can give and receive love or I can close down and protect. I can enjoy what is presented to me, or struggle with my self-limiting mind. I can look at what happens as results and feedback and move to be better or I can complain and blame and shrink my sense of self.

Each moment there are choices and each choice flavors the moment. There can be exquisite moments of pure joy, freedom, understanding and celebration and moments of peace, satisfaction, comfort and flow. Sure there will be bumps along the way but those bumps remind you the journey along this road is not always smooth. As I wrote the above sentence, I had this clear image of traveling in a jeep along a bumpy road and my body bobbing through beautiful places in nature and have this banquet for the eyes as I take in these jaw-dropping scenes. Kind of a metaphor for life isn’t it. There is so much wonder and beauty available to us, yet much of the time you and I are focused on just hanging on and we miss the scenes as they unfold. Maybe it is time to get our of the car and walk, decide our own pace, take in what we want when and how we want to?

Look around and see what you have created? Does it free you up or tie you down? If things are working great, than adjustments are not called for now? If your life is not working the way you want it to, than it is time to look at what needs to change and what new direction to explore. Maybe it is time to simplify, or take a break, try a new strategy or consult for another perspective? Course correction along the way is an essential part of any successful journey through life.

It comes down to you making your life happen the way you want it to and that is good news. You with your choices can create a wonderful existence for you and those that travel with you. Be bold, take chances, stretch beyond your fears and most of all find the joy in the moment.


Let's Appreciate and Celebrate the Human Family

iStock_000000374854Small.jpgI was thinking the other day that most people I meet are easy to talk with, kind and considerate. I decided it was time to write about how much I appreciate my fellow inhabitants of this beautiful globe. When I have an opportunity to sit and talk with people I often discover how much we share in the way of wants and hopes for in this life.

Most people are: trying to the be the best they can be; they want the best for others too; they are compassionate and caring; they are concerned about the health of the planet for those in the next generation; they want everyone to have all the food, shelter and health care available; and they all hope for a better and safer world. I would say that we all have much more in common then we have significant differences. Sure there are differences in religious and political beliefs but still you and I all want the best for ourselves, our families and for everyone else.

There seems to be a disconnect in the media however. If you and I watch the news or listen to talk radio regularly, we probably have a negative distorted view of our fellow human kind. It seems what gets shown and talked about are the exceptions, the people who are killers, rapist, terrorist, greedy, self-abusive, extremist, very damaged, etc. The percentage of people who fall into exceptions category has to be under .1%.

I think it would be safe to say 99.9% of the people are worth getting to know. Take the time today to talk with someone new. Find out what is important to them and what their hopes are. Look around and notice the kind and considerate gestures, the smiles, the nods of hellos, and the friendly interactions. Everyone is just living their lives and finding ways to enjoy what they have. Even those having a bad day, you and I can understand and have compassion for because we have been there too.

You and I share this planet with many others and in essences we are one large family. We naturally want the best for everyone in our family. The times we live in bring us all much closer to each other. The internet keeps us in touch. There are people who read this blog all over the world. There is so much we can gain by exploring our connections. Together we can resolve all of our problems with understanding and heart. There are those who want to keep us in fear and divided for control purpose but they need to be ignored. Look around today and say hi to your brothers and sisters and appreciate them for who they are. Our differences are primarily only superficial. Join me and others who are seeking common ground and open to appreciating the beauty and wonder of each other. There is much to live for and celebrate about when we get to know each other. Let love, peace, acceptance and understanding be our guide.


Making the Best of Each Day

Today is another day and I want to make the best of it. I am sitting here open to inspiration and letting my intuition be my guide as I write this. The way to start the day off strongly is to think about how I want this day to turn out. When I set my mind to work on what kind of results I want than I am off to a good start.

Today I will create more success for my blog and for our Peace Together company; I will be of service to those I assist at my afternoon management consultation work for an employee assistance program; I will be open in my heart to all those I come in contact with especially my wife and friends; I will be conscious and aware throughout my day; I will work out to enhance my fitness and health; and I will be open to more joy, peace, freedom and money flowing through my life. Wow! this looks like a busy day doesn’t it? I do have a full agenda I am working on and I feel good about that because I am stretching myself towards my highest self-realization. Now adding my visualization and my emotional energy to these thoughts will kick the results into high gear.

What is your day like? What do you hope to achieve? How are you stretching yourself? Each day is an opportunity to set your intention and to create the results you want. Yesterday is over and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so today is what you have to work with. Take the time to get clear about what you want to have in your life. Set a plan in action to bring about these results. Take time each morning and/or night to visualize having what you want in your life and to also be grateful for what you do have and what is coming your way. Feel in your heart and body how it will feel to have this wonderful life. Feel it with such an intensity that the universe takes note and helps you create what you desire.

Clarity, Intention, Visualize, Feel, Plan, Action, Gratitude these are the key components. Get clear, set the intention and alignment it with your purpose and values, see it and feel it, set a plan of action and do it, and then celebrate the results with gratitude and joy. This is a simple formula and you can make it work starting today. Simple and effective but it takes you’re your focus and follow through each day.

Lets make this the best day and week you and I have had in a long time. Isn’t it reassuring to know you have the power to make things happen in positive and productive ways?

Have a great day.