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Acts of Kindness Make A Difference

Acts of kindness are very impressive. Now days it seems everyone is so busy they don’t seem to have time to consider others. If you watch the news it looks like everyone is mad about something.

On a personal level, if you always feel in a hurry then being kind never has time to cross your mind. Would you like to be more kind to others and yourself? Do you enjoy when people are kind to you?

Kindness is a really wonderful way to interact with those in your life. Actions speak so much louder than words. If you want to show love be kind.

There are very simple things you can do to spread more kindness in your life. Here is a list of acts of kindness everyone appreciates:

Make a meal for someone who you know is struggling

Be a compassionate listener for a friend who needs support

Tell a co-worker how much you appreciate them

Send notes of appreciation to those who could use encouragement

Set up a day to help a friend

Go visit someone who can ‘t get around very well

Pick up a treat for a friend having a down day

Invite a work friend to lunch

Tell someone how great they look

Give out compliments as often as you can

Spread love each day in every way you can

Have compassion for those who are in need

Volunteer for an organization that helps the less fortunate

Spread joy wherever you go

Speak kindly to others

Find time to call someone who would like to hear from you

Send energy and loving-kindness to people with your thoughts

Simple acts of kindness touch people and transform the moment into love. Kindness is love in action. 

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