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What Everyone Should Know About Their Heart

This quote came from my friend Brandi on Facebook and it inspired me to write this post.

We are all here to love, to have compassion for each other, to be kind and caring.

Compassion is seeking to understand others with an open heart. Everyone appreciates compassion in the form of listening, acts of kindness, or acceptance of who they are. A world full of compassion could resolve most human problems.

Fear and resentment springs from closed hearts and minds. If you let your narrowing thinking ego-mind run your life, fear will be in charge. Fear dissolve when you live in the now with an open heart.

Any unexpressed feelings grow a wall of resentment, which blocks the heart. So release all of your emotions simply by acknowledging and accepting them with compassion for yourself.

If you have an open heart, you will feel love and give love freely. This will bring great joy to your life and to those who have the pleasure of knowing you.

If you wonder what your purpose is, it is to love. Loving is a universal purpose and you can find your own way to express love that will light up the world.

Imagine each day that your purpose is to spread love in everything you do, let the love expand and spread through your life. Soon your love will spread through the world and lift everyone up.  That is the power of love that resides in you. 

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