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What Is Your Life Force?

This is a challenging question and that is why I decided to write about it today. Take a minute to tune inward and see what you understand about your life force. The way to tap into this information is to drop below the mind noise and see what the wisdom of your higher nature can tell you.

Life force is the essential energy that brings us onto the physical plane. In the yoga/meditation traditionprana” the energy of your breath would be described as your life force.

In the tradition of Taoism, your life force could be identified as the flow of the Tao in the form of energy from the Earth and energy from the Universe.

In the Chakra system, you imagine breathing energy up from the Earth through the base chakra and through the seven main chakra points. You are also breathing energy from the Crown chakra, which is linked to the Infinite Source of all creation.

The yoga, Taoist and chakra points of view are what might be called energy in a more metaphysical way.

In Western medicine the source of life would be oxygen, water, and food with oxygen being the most essential. This view is more a mechanical view so the life force is more like fuel for the engine.

In the Western part of the world, soul is often seen as the source of your life, some would see your soul as the part of you that existed before and will continue to exist after this lifetime. This part of the world tends to rely more on beliefs they have been handed down and not usually examined.

In native cultures, nature may be seen as the life force or the Great Spirit, the other-world, the stream of life or other ideas that are more experience based.

How long do we have with this force? Some would say we have only so much life force and when it runs out our life ends. Others believe in more of a destined idea, that you were born preprogrammed and will come to rest on the day of that set date.  Still others believe that you can expand your energy and shape how long you live.

Many would consider your life force to be the energy that heals. If you learn to direct the energy of your life force, you can heal yourself and assist others in healing.

People who don’t wonder about life force might think it’s pizza, or chocolate but if they stop to answer the question might say it is God, or their mind, or even their heart.

As you can see there are many ideas across belief systems and cultures. The ideas presented here are really over simplified but give a sense of ways the life force can be viewed. 

After reading these ideas: Which ones seem true to you? Which ones stimulate your mind into action or call you to a deeper exploration.

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