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5 Ways To Have More Hope

These can seem like difficult times for many of us. Are they really or is that from watching the news, which almost exclusively focuses on what is wrong. Fear is played on the stage of politics and too often religion as a way to get our attention or sell what they are selling. How are things going in your life? Would you like to feel more hopeful?

The following are five ways you can have more hope in your life starting today:

1.  Step away from the outside noise (example: try a nightly news fast) and turn inwards. Inside of you there is a knowing that has great hope. This knowing is your higher nature, soul, intuitive wisdom or whatever you recognize it as. This inner knowing understands you are an unlimited being. That you can be, love, give, enjoy, have purpose and totally shape your life experience.   

2.  Live in the present moment as much as you can. As soon as your mind ventures back into the past or shifts your worry to the future hope can get lost in the chaos. Hope is only present in the present. There is no hope in the past and any ideas of hope in the future are empty speculations. In the here and now there is endless hope if you are present to it.

3.  Focus on giving and you will feel how much you like living. The act of giving is the heart in action. The more our heart is engaged in loving, being kind, having compassion, caring and giving the more hope we will feel for both ourselves and the world around us. The heart has endless hope that comes from living in the power of love.

4. Enjoy the freedom you have and explore how to have more. Most of us are trained to contain. We learn from early on to be quiet, to go invisible, to be careful, to seek the approval of others, to believe in our limits. If we move instead towards exploring and experimenting with our life so many more things open up. We are as free as we want to be. 

5. Make happiness your goal. There is so much to be happy about if you bring your attention to: the love you have, the beauty around you, the inner gifts you have been given, the joy of the now, the expansiveness of your imagination, the act of creating, the aliveness of your spirit, the pleasure of a simple and uncomplicated life and so much more. Happiness is a choice; why not choose it?

I can assist you in finding more hope, happiness, love, freedom, purpose, and inner peace. You can have a free 15-minute consult with me and we can talk about what matters to you. 

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