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What Is A Mystic?

Recently I listened several times to a wonderful interview of the recently past Irish mystic John O’Donahue (checkout On Being for the recording). He was a true mystic because he lived in both worlds. He was a wonderful writer, poet, philosopher and he wandered deeply down the path of the mystical world. These are key ingredients in being a mystic, living in both the worlds of what is seen and traveling through the unseen realm of spirit.

A mystic lives in the mystery of life as if it is as real as the concreteness of form we can touch and see. The mystery is what calls us all when we listen to what is infinite and eternal within. The mystic dives fully into the stream of the unknown and ventures within the endless force of life beyond what we normally experience. This journey is a courageous one because the mystic has to let go of the need to control his or her world. The ego-mind of the mystic has to be suspended from its dominating role in order for the mystery to be explored.

The entire planet is greatly enriched by the mystical journey. Mystics travel the unknown for all of us. In that journey they expand and their expansion lifts the collective consciousness for everyone. Mystics like Rumi, Saint Teresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart seem prone to explore through writing about their journeys. This leaves the rest of us with their words that act as maps for the exploration of higher consciousness.

If we are drawn to the mysteries of life, if we like to travel under the guidance of our spirit, soul, higher nature or whatever we call the unlimited within us, there is a good change we are mystics-in-training.  Many of us who seek our highest expression do so not to be mystical but to be more fully human. 

The world is greatly enriched by the mystical traditions and by the mystic spokespersons of those traditions.  The more that all of us are uplifted in our consciousness, the better the world will be.

If you feel the call toward a more mystical life I would much appreciate the opportunity to work with you for my path can enrich yours and together we can both expand our qualities of compassion and consciousness.  I can be reached at joseph@josephbernardphd.com.  If you want a free 15-minute session I will set one up for you at my first available time. Also signing up today for my email list will present you with a free e-book called Spirited Living, which will help you tap into your rich inner resources.  

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