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The Top 10 Worst Beliefs In The World

The Easter holiday is here and it stirs up lots of questions for me since I am a born again questioner of most beliefs.  Yes you are welcome to have any belief you want but at least question the ones that are shaping your life and see if they are true for you. The following beliefs everyone should question:

  1. Our Color Makes A Difference - Judging people by the color of their skin shows a real lack of awareness of our genetic history. Everyone on this planet is made up of the same biological building blocks. We all share on a particle level unity with all living things on Earth. Some would even argue we are all made of the same stuff of stars.
  2. We Have Original Sin – Original sin is a human idea that someone came up with to manipulate others. There is no such thing because it makes no sense. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as any kind of sin. Sin is just a religious term used to make people feel guilty.  No one died for our sins, the cross is the ultimate guilt trip.
  3. Hell Exists – Hell doesn’t exist except in this world when we create such things as war and allow the abuse of people or creatures. Where does it exist except in the mind? No one goes to hell for eternity unless they create a hell realm in their mind and their life may seem an eternity. The same is true of heaven.
  4. We Are Not Enough – Most of us are raised with the idea that we are not enough, that there is something missing in us. That belief is the conditioning of our culture. Those around us as we grew up pass this false belief down to us because they believed it to be true of themselves. We are infinite and eternal and more than enough.
  5. Happiness Depends on Others – Happiness is not affected by the outside world. Happiness comes from being in the moment with who we are, from living in appreciation of the now, from having an open heart and an open mind. Happiness is a choice we make.
  6. Our Thoughts Are Real – The thoughts that go on in our head and the inner dialogue we carry on are just a collection of words, letters, sounds we give meaning to. Every thought we have is not real, all we have to do is look at it and see that is so. All beliefs are words we think about repeatedly but they are no more real than other thoughts.
  7. Other People Make Us Feel Things – All we feel is from our thoughts and since our thoughts are not real we can change them and change how we feel.  No one is able to get into our mind and make us think anything. It is our thoughts that create our emotions. If we don’t like how we are feeling don’t blame others. Instead change your thoughts.
  8. There Is Only One True Religion – This is another false belief driven by the ego-mind of those who want to control others. All religions are made up of dogma and doctrine invented by human beings not some divine force. All beliefs should be questioned especially religious ones. Would a God be the member of only one religion?
  9. War Makes Sense – War makes no sense except to those who profit from war. War is the insanity of the human mind seeking power and control over others. All the rationalizations for war are false beliefs. Killing others for their beliefs is nonsense and driven by the ego-mind.
  10. Endless Growth Is A Good Idea – this is an false economic concept that is driven by greed and denial of the finite nature of resources on the planet. We are over populated already and if we keep growing human life will not be sustainable nor will the health of the planet.

What would you add to this list?

Now the good news, we can change most everything that is not working by doing three things:

One is to become a more conscious human being. The more conscious we are the healthier our thinking, our feelings and our actions.

Two is opening our hearts to everyone. The more love, kindness and compassion there is, the more we will come to solutions that work for all life on the planet.

Three is remembering we are all part of the human family and we share this tiny wet planet out in an ever-expanding Universe. We are one and in that realization we are able to think with all in mind.  

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for this post!

A great reminder that we can choose our beliefs.

I think many of these beliefs begin to change for the better when you start to look at life through a more spiritual view.

December 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJuha Kardo


June 21, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterParn Josh Atwal

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