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How To Make Contact With Those Who Have Passed On

I have been in contact with my Dad on various occasions since he passed on. There is nothing magical about this. It is really quite simple. Here is the way I open the channel for us to communicate:

First I find a quiet place and take a few minutes to relax. I find relaxing is easy to do just by paying attention to my breathing. As I breath consciously, I relax. After feeling myself breathe in and out for a few cycles of the breath, I am ready.

Next I enter into what I call my “soul.” My soul is the part of me that existed before this life and will continue after this life ends. The soul is able to communicate with all souls in bodies or beyond My soul is the place in me more expansive than my personality and life experiences. It is peaceful, loving and joyous, always waiting to guide my life.

My soul reaches out to my Dad’s soul and asks his soul to communicate with me. Then all I have to do is listen. This is a kind of listening that is a quiet, intuitive type. I listen and soon I hear his voice, which is light and freer than the heavier voice of the body.

He shares with me that he is filled with joy and well-being. That he feels connected to all those he has left behind.

He has promised he will continue to look after me as he has always done.  He talks with me in a very supportive and kind ways, more loving as if he is free of his past and now has a fully open heart.

He asks me to check in with people and share he is sending love.  He told me to share we can all communicate with those we love who have passed on. He asked me to write this note and explain what I do.

It may take some practice but most likely not.

Quiet/relax yourself as explained above, enter into the space called “soul,” which can be defined in any way you want to define it. He says it is just "him" beyond the body. Then let the communication flow soul to soul.

He promises that there is life after life but it is very different. He says there are no worries just love and the feeling of being something greater then he was in his body. 

He told me to tell you there is no reason to fear death. He also said enjoy life as much as you can because life is meant to be enjoyed, more than worried about. He said you can be in contact with those you love who have left their bodies as much as you want.  

I hope this message is helpful. I wanted to communicate with you about my contact with my Dad after his passing and the kind support you can still receive from those who have moved beyond their bodies.

Ask me if you have any questions. Please feel free to share any experiences you have with this that you want to share.

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That is reaffirming to know and pretty awesome.

April 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMollie

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