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A Plea For Peace That Needs To Be Heard

A friend sent me this message of peace. She received this email from someone who knew someone who said she received this anonymous message about peace. I read it and was deeply touched by the wisdom of this message.

I had to share it with you because even though it is anonymous it doesn’t mean it is in some way less important. As a matter of fact, I would say it is very important and worth your time to read it.

I Want Peace

I want peace. I want peace everywhere, all the time, for everyone. Even for the people who don't want peace.

I want love to win, to be stronger than war, stronger than hatred. Stronger than fear.

I want an end to the madness of harm we cause each other because I can't take it anymore. Numbness is not the way to cope with violence.  Numbness doesn't solve anything. And numbness only deadens the heart. It doesn't make anything okay. And it certainly doesn't stop the hurt. I don't want to be inured to violence.

I don't want children to be afraid that something bad is going to happen at any moment, at any time. I don't want grown ups to be afraid either. And I certainly don't want scared grownups to scare children any more than they already are.

I want peace. I want people to be able to love each other without the fear of reprisal.

I want everyone to decide now to live life and to be free to live life without fear every minute of every day.

I want everyone to promise not to hurt each other. I want kind thoughts, really kind thoughts. Not pretend to be nice thoughts, and I want wholesome intentions and trustworthy actions.

I want everyone to care about everyone else all the time.

And I don't want to hear about bombs or guns or shrapnel or explosive devices or rounds of ammunition or automatic rifles or glocks or detonators or land mines or chemical warfare or nuclear warheads or torture or waterboarding or terrorist plots.

I don't want to have to worry about predators, abusers, pornography, the slave trade, abductors, rapists, hate crimes or atrocities of any kind committed on animals or humans of any age.

I don't want to go to the zoo, the circus, or the racetrack.

I don't want to worry about migration routes.

I don't want nuclear anything. Nor pesticides, poisons, pipelines, tankers, oil spills, genetically altered seeds, dying dolphins, dead coral reefs and yet another extinct species of any kind.

I want the bees to stay alive and I want them to sting me and anyone else they care to sting as long as no one is allergic.

I am for immigration, meditation, legalization and immunization for anyone who wants it.

I love homeopathy and penicillin. I just don't want antibiotics in my chicken, cows, fish, or water system.

I want young girls to think of their bodies as a whole beautiful miraculous complexity of being and not an assemblage of parts.

I want young boys to think of their bodies as a whole beautiful miraculous complexity of being and not as modified transformers.

I want there to be an end to violent video games, bloody murders on TV and horror movies where women are always the victims.

I just want peace all the time.

I want the people who administer lethal injections to just say no.
I want prisoners to repent their violence and learn to love.
I want prison guards to know there is no greater power than love.
I want victims to forgive and victimizers to choose vulnerability and sensitivity.

I want soldiers to refuse to fight.
I want fighters to refuse to fight.
I want friends to refuse to fight.
I want lovers to refuse to fight.
I want gangs to disband.
I want corporations to care.
I want men to honor every woman, all women, especially women who are strong and powerful, so no woman will be afraid to be powerful.
I want women to stop expecting men to be more than they are.

I want every mother and every father to stop hitting their children or child, to stop screaming at their children or child, to start soothing their children or child.

I want every parent to love their children or child and if they don't know how to do that I want them to go and get some help so they can learn to love, now, before another generation is lost to violence.

I want everyone, everywhere to turn the other cheek so many times that they get dizzy and dissolve in laughter from the joy of refusing to retaliate.

I want a safe world.
I want a world where hate is a rare anomaly.
I don't want to be afraid to live.

I want peace for everyone all the time.

I don't care to ever again transform from a negative experience. I want to start with positive experiences and grow from those.

I don't want to think about tragedy, any kind of tragedy, personal, communal, fiscal, political, cultural,  spiritual.

I don't want to think about poverty, any kind of poverty, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, political, cultural, personal or communal.

I want everyone to talk to babies with enough words to insure that they will grow up to touch the stars.

I want peace because my heart can't take the violence anymore.
I want peace because my heart - my very strong heart - just can't take the violence anymore.
I want peace because my weary, very strong and resilient heart just can't take the hate.
I want peace because my weary, very strong and resilient heart just can't tolerate children with holes in them, sons without legs, hearts frozen in time by unimaginable crimes, or souls shattered by unspeakable hate.

I don't want to blame anyone because it's everyone's fault-all of us, myself included. We all could decide to soothe the baby, caresses the child, forgive the insult, share the wealth, respect each other, expand our minds, learn about our differences, recognize our eventual and inevitable demise, and pool our resources.

We could at any moment make the world a different place.

We could at any moment tilt the axis of the world toward love.

We could do that.
We could choose peace.
We could choose love.
Every day in everything, every choice, every moment we could care enough about each other and ourselves to choose peace. We could.

I know most if not all of the arguments about human nature.
I know most if not all of the arguments about the human condition.
I understand karma, psychology, patterning, imprints, survival mechanisms, family systems, biological inheritance, neurotransmitters, the chemical brain, the socio-economic causes of violence.
None of them hold up to the practical, simple, necessary, peaceful truth of love.

Please feel free to leave a response to this message.

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