Realize What Is Possible

In these videos, I talk with a lot of aliveness. Each one has a gem or two that will enrich your understand of yourself and invite higher states of consciousness within. They were filmed by two friends who are experts at videos and knew the right questions to ask. With no agenda, the conversations are spontaneous and unplanned. Many of these understandings I had never put into words before.

I would love to hear in what ways the videos touched you. If you have any questions please let me know.

#1: A Realization of What is Possible.

#2: The Power of Awareness

#3: The Voice of the Soul

#4: Explore Life Journal

#5: Higher States of Mind and Consciousness

#6: Evolve Your Understanding by Being Present

#7: All is Within

This is a short version (about 12 minutes) of a meditation that I lead in our community once a week. It invites you to be fully in your body, heart, mind, higher nature and beyond. This meditation is about awareness of who you are beyond your ordinary experiences of life. There is so much more to who you are. Come explore.