About Myself and My Work

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My work is focused on you and what the possibilities in you are waiting to be expressed and realized. I help you find your deepest knowing, your truest desires and the energy and focus you need to make your life come alive with amazing results.

My passion has always been to bring out the best in those I work with. Since my earliest explorations I have been fascinated by the human potential and how to activate the mind, body, heart and spirit to its fullest expression.

I have worked with corporate executives, championship athletes, individuals with addictions and people from all walks of life who want to find out more about themselves and how to create the results that matter to them.

If we work together I will share more with you about what I have learned over the past 30+ years of making a positive difference in people’s lives.

My own inner work has been extensive and intense. I have a never-ending thirst for expanding my understand of human nature. I have arrived at where I am today because I never stop pushing myself forward.

Today I live on the Oregon Coast in a rural setting with the Pacific Ocean as my front yard and the national forest as my backyard. I have come to appreciate the gifts of nature, of the beauty that surrounds me and for the inner peace that comes from living in the joy of each moment.

My doctorate is in Counseling Psychology. Up to 5 years ago I worked as a mental health professional most of my career. I shifted away from that to write about what I have learned doing this kind of work and from my inner journey along the way. My coaching style has been part of my work all along. I see people as potential and possibilities, not as broken and in need of fixing. That focus allows those I work with to make major shifts into how they see themselves and what is possible in their lives.

I have also been a competitive athlete as a distance runner and still compete regularly in table tennis.

Interested in Working Together?

Give me a call (541.547.3374) or go to the Contact page. Your first session is free. Put aside 2-hours for this initial conversation. Things will began to change in your life just from what we talk about. If you and I feel we work well together then we will move forward and set-up how that will work.

“My work is guiding and encouraging you to live with purpose, to set a course towards a greater realization of what is possible for your life, and to expand your opportunities for greater happiness, peace, and love. As you grow it benefits humanity and makes you an active participant in making a positive difference in the world.
~ Joseph