Finding The Voice of the Soul: A Bold Path Inviting Consciousness and Compassion

If you invite the wisdom of these ideas into your daily life, you will be transformed. Having the voice of your soul showing you the way will:

  • Fill your life with joy.
  • Open your heart to an even richer expression.
  • Help you set yourself free of any self-imposed limits.
  • Lift your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

This book is for you, the you that knows there is more to life. The voice of the soul can be a very powerful guiding force showing you the way to the life you have always wanted to create. Applying this voice to daily living will fill each day with a flow of light, love, joy, and peace.

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Awaken: 100 Questions To Expand Your Mind and Open Your Heart

This book will become an important companion on your journey to living a more fulfilling life.

Reading and exploring this book will:

  • Fill you with purpose and enrich your meaningful relationships.
  • Help you feel more positive about yourself.
  • Assist you in the realization of who you are and what you can become.

Allowing the questions to sink into the depth of your being will bring great surprises, fill you with hope, and set you free to find the kind of life you desire. Explore this book with lightness, intention, self-encouragement, an open mind and a courageous heart. The results you create will change you forever and the world will be richer for it.

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The World According To Gus: A Novel of Importance

This novel is about God changing his name to GUS (Guiding Universal Source). He wants to set the record straight on what is divinely true. And he can't do that when the name “God” is encumbered with a bad reputation created by people’s false words.

This novel will:

  • Assist you in leaving limiting beliefs behind
  • Inspire you to deepen your connect with the Source in you
  • Launch you into a more dynamic relationship with yourself and the world

If you were raised in a belief system that is not meeting your needs this book offers you many fresh perspectives. The story flows easily with a lightness of real truth and a questioning that will make the “true believers” cringe. It also offers an exciting perspective of a better world based on the dignity of all humanity.

This book is available as a print book and ebook: