Life-Changing Coaching

I offer coaching for the purpose of empowering you to create the life you want. This is dynamic work that takes you beyond where you have yet been able to go.

I offer an initial exploratory session for no charge. We will talk fees in that session if we find we are interested in working with each. I bring extensive experience and great depth to my coaching. Those I work with report it is “life changing.”

Go the the Contact Page and send me an email. I can also be reached at 541.547.3374.


If you are feeling stuck or are ready to become extraordinary, I can help.

Also Available

Individual Retreats: I offer individual retreats on the Oregon Coast for a more intense experience. Contact me for more information about this unique opportunity. These intensives encourage real needed shifts to occur in times when they are essential.

Presentations and Workshops: I shape each presentation/workshop to meet your needs. My insights about human nature, my sense of humor and my understanding of the dynamics of what best creates powerful results make my presentations exceptional. I have presented trainings in many numerous corporations and organizations. I also work with small groups on fine-tuning direction and creating more powerful results. 

Under the noise of the mind and it’s limited programming is a flow of fresh ideas,
deeper truths, endless love and abundant joy.
~ Joseph

I offer a FREE e-Book called, Spirited Living: Making A Conscious Choice To Transform Your Life Every Day in Every Way. It includes over 300 tips, exploratory questions and exercises to explore and enrich every aspect of your daily life.

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