I'm Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. My work is guiding and encouraging you to live with purpose, to set a course towards a greater realization of what is possible for your life, and to expand your opportunities for greater happiness, peace, and love. As you grow it benefits humanity and makes you an active participant in making a positive difference in the world. 

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About My Work

In a moment of great clarity I understood what the next part of life was to be about. I feel a driving purpose to provide personal development for you and all who care about what is good for humanity and the planet. This means the more people like you I can help expand their minds and open their heart, the more we can do what is right for each other and the planet.

I do not have all the answers. What I do have is lots of good ideas and a highly trained ability to bring out the best qualities in you, others and organizations. As we stretch into what is possible in each of us we enhance the potential of the planet to thrive.

In these times of hurry and worry, we all have to be proactive with our intentions or we become passive observers living in reactivity. Today has infinite possibilites but we must to imagine, plan and act to make things happen. 

I offer support, encouragement, inspiration, coaching, consulting, workshops and presentations. I focus on personal coaching and consulting for individuals and consulting and training for organization that care about people.

My worked is dedicated to serving humanity with the realization that it has always been the focus of a few people gathered together in shared purpose that has brought about great changes in our world.

Who might benefit from my focus on personal development for people who care about people and the planet?

Those who care about others: human service professionals, care-givers, leaders, doctors, social workers, nurses, mental health professionals, coaches, social activists, occupy movement members, teachers, artists, cultural creatives, parents, those in search of truth and consciousness, yoga and meditation teachers and practitioners, and anyone else who cares about humanity.

I can encourage and empower your work with coaching and practices that will assist you in developing the following essential skills/attributes you will need out in the world to have the greatest impact:

  •   Be Mindful
  •   Have Patience
  •   Be Skilled at Self-Care
  •   Be Accepting and Non-Judging
  •   Have Courage for Action
  •   Have Emotional Wellness
  •   Have Wholeness of Mind
  •   Be Creative in Your Expression
  •   Live From Your Heart
  •   Live in Appreciation and Gratitude
  •   Be Present Focused
  •   Be Connecting Inward and Out in the World

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Together in co-creation, we are an unstoppable force for good in the world.

Peace and Happiness To You


About Joseph Bernard

I am a wake up artist, mind trainer, practical philosopher, and change agent/difference maker. My goal is to help you find your bigger story and develop powerful ways to bust out of old patterns and rewire your mind and heart for creating the life you desire.

My life has dramatically shifted with the intention of focusing on creating bigger ways to make a greater difference. My work and my programs are about empowering people to be a dynamic force in shaping their own lives. The time is now for shifting gears toward the greater story in all of us. We are the ones who will have the capacity to shift things on the planet.

As a change agent I understand change is a very dynamic process filled with challenges, stirred up energy, release and then relief, joy and freedom. In helping thousands of clients move past the old limitations and the deep groove of habit I have seen many amazing transformations. When we take the necessary steps out of the comfort zone of the familiar it can feel very liberating and more powerful than we can imagine.

I work with powerful tools that promote: mindfulness, awareness, insight, creativity, energy, aliveness and a focus on action that will shift and uplift. I enjoy helping people move from ordinary to extraordinary.

I have spent the better part of the last 35 years helping people make sense out of their lives. My work as a therapist, teacher, presenter, workshop leader, management consultant, and trainer has brought me into the inner workings of all kinds of people including: addicts and alcoholics, competitive athletes, business owners, the criminal justice system, and many in search of meaning and purpose.

My work helps people heal, leave the past behind, move forward in their lives with purpose, help shift old stuck places into new and dynamic aliveness, and create many different ways of being successful.

Now I want to use my experience and skills to empower more people who have the specific purpose of helping others and making the world a better place. 

Personal stuff about me that may impress you or leave your wondering . . .

•  I love to take a power nap in the afternoon
•  One of my inner practices is exploring out-of-body-experiences
•  I have been running at least three times per week since 1975
•  I once won a race in the Presidio in San Francisco at a 5:35 pace per mile
•  I love exploring fitness and health
•  I enjoy playing golf and have three holes in one
•  Mindfulness is a daily practice for me
•  I graduated from Oregon State in Education, from Lewis and Clark College with a Masters in Counseling,
•  I got my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, which taught me much about the wisdom of the East in combination with Western Psychology
•  I once did a form of Tai Chi everyday for two years
•  I use to go into banks after robberies and help the staff deal with the stress and trauma
•  I once went to a work site at 11pm to help people process the loss of an employee (soon to be full time minister) whom was killed on his last night on the job by the machine he was working on
•  I have taught self-care in every place I worked
•  I have explored many forms of energy healing
•  I live across the street from the Pacific Ocean close to a small town on the Oregon Coast
•  I am an avid explorer of higher consciousness, walking meditation is one of my favorite practices
•  I was the yoga teacher at the largest member own sports club in the US
•  I have written two novels that sit quietly here on my computer
•  I am an abstract painter whose art has been displayed in a major corporation
•  I have a wonderful wife named Bobbi
•  I have the best dog in the world named Pax
•  I am a social activist passionate about world peace
•  I use to be awakened in the middle of the night to talk people out of suicide.
•  I played in a tennis doubles final at the Oregon Olympics
•  A gymnast I helped with his mental preparation won the National Still Rings Championship
•  I have sang in three community choirs
•  I have a passion for reading that includes about one book a week for the last 30 years
•  I love to cook really tasty food
•  My wife tells me, I remember the past by where I ate
•  I have lived in Portland, San Francisco, Vancouver British Columbia, Santa Barbara, Denver and Boulder and now on the Oregon coast
•  I am the oldest of six
•  I went to 12 years of Catholic schools and am now in recovery from that
•  I developed a month long treatment program for those with addictions that was totally based on creative expression
•  I love to play table tennis
•  I wrote a musical
•  I ran a drop in program for those with chronic mental health issues; I had 24 staff all with a mental health diagnosis
•  I have a blog with over 1600 posts over the last almost 5 years
•  I love to laugh, have meaningful conversations, keep fit, be in nature, fall asleep to the sound of a stream, inspire others, explore altered states of being, and spreading love and light out into the world.

Well you now know more about me than I do about you. Let me find out who you are and how I can make a difference in your life. I would love to be of service to you in ways that really matter.

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