Your Love Is Needed Now

Today is a special day for my wife Bobbi and I. It is our first anniversary and this past year has been full of love and support for each other. I am deeply grateful that the love we share is ever expanding and that we share a journey of peaceful purpose.

Every day we travel together through life with our goal to spread peace through compassion, consciousness and connection. Would you join us in our quest to wake each other up to our highest self-expression? Would you open your hearts and expand your compassion to everyone you meet? Would you step past the ego and your personality and remember we are all connected everywhere on this planet. We are all one.

Love is the most powerful human attribute. Love can heal all wrongs of mind, body, relationships, community, nation and planet. Love is the source of all-good, of kindness, joy, peace, deep understanding, and freedom. Are you open to giving love and receiving love?

Many were raised in families or situations where you learned some false ideas about love and yourself. Some common misunderstanding we acquired include: your are not loveable, you don’t deserve love, a loving relationship isn’t possible, all love leads to hurt, love is only for good people, and so many other false ideas. I want to set the record straight on these ideas. They are just thoughts and frankly false thoughts. I want to repeat that: any limiting thought you have about love is just faulty thinking and you can change those thoughts.

You deserve love. You are loveable just as you are. Loving another leads to more love. All people have goodness inside of them and deserve love. Loving relationships are what your life is about and the more you love, the more you fulfill your life with all that you are here to be and do.

Love is the power that will change the world for the good of all. If you want to make a difference, find more ways to love, open your heart even more, be receptive to lots of love coming your way, and love even those who are difficult to love because this kind of challenging love is transformative. Yes you, your receptivity to love and willingness to love are keys to your life and to the life on the planet. With your love flowing and growing, your are unlimited in your capacity to positively affect your life, the life of those around you, your community, your country and Mother Earth.

Let me be very clear about this: Your love is needed now!