October 27 National Mobilization and Time to Get Involved

Today is a day on the road. We are leaving shortly for Salt Lake City to participate in a large peace action that is happening all across the country. It is called the October 27 National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq. This event is put on by United for Peace and Justice and it is to get people all over the country to make it clear to our elected officials that we the citizens want this war to end. Each month about 100 service personnel are killed and about $12 Billion dollars of our tax dollars are spent to fund this war that never needed to happen. To find out more, go to October 27th http://www2.oct27.org/

Why are my wife and I going to drive almost eight hours to a city we don’t know to participate in this mobilizations? We are pro-peace in our viewpoint not antiwar but this is important enough for us to take the time and make the trip. We feel all Americans should join these demonstrations. The reason are clear to us:

1. The war is a huge mistake and needs to be ended now
2. The war is not about democracy but about power in the Middle East
3. The war is causing a huge debt for future generations
4. The American people are the deciders not the President or Congress
5. There has been no checks and balances provided by Congress on the Executive Branch so the people must do that.
6. There are many innocent people dying because of the war.
7. Due to the war the Executive Branch we have gone astray in this country, it now condones torture, spying on Americans, ignoring the laws of the country, and creating a culture of lies and misinformation.
8. Most important is the loss of compassion and true caring for the many losses suffered by the soldiers, their families and Iraqis due to this unnecessary war.

Join us in heart and spirit wherever you are. Make October 27th one of the turning points, where the people course correct a government gone off track. Where the people stand up together and say this is wrong and it is time to leave our occupation of Iraq. The politicians represent us and it is time they listen to what we are saying.

It is always positive to live by your values; to have an open mind and heart; to stand up for what you believe in; and to make a difference when you can. Whether it is the ending the war, or removing the money influence from elections, or to reduce corporate power, or to help bring back New Orleans, or to feed the hungry, or to build homes for the homeless, or whatever your heart calls you to do; it is time to do it now. This country and the world needs you to be as big and empowered as you can be.

Now is the time, are you ready to sign up and make America great again? Are you ready to turn off talk radio and those sad judgmental people who spread hate, fear and anger? Are you ready to listen inward and do what you know is right for the good of all? Are you ready to reclaim the land of the free and the home of the brave? Free enough to be caring and concerned and brave enough to speak up and live by the higher laws of love, compassion and understanding.

I will let you know how things go in Salt Lake City. Please do what you can as soon as you can.