How Do You Find Happiness?

After 8 hours on the road it feels like I am still traveling I-80 as I sit here attempting to compose by Sunday blog. The trip back was smooth but long and I am, like always glad to be home. The Peace Event in Salt Lake City was worth the drive. I am however now feeling grateful for my home, my life and my wife. Life is good and it continues to get better.
I was reading an article yesterday by this self-appointed guru and he was saying that being happy is hard work and I thought if that is your belief then you are right. If you have a belief system that says happiness takes work and it is hard to make happen then that will be your experience.

My view is different. Happiness to me seems like our natural state. It is the state of energy and aliveness that flows through us if we are open to the flow. Happiness comes from being who I am and from being who you are. I don’t experience happiness as something I have to make an effort to have in my life. Yes sometimes I have to change my thinking or do something different then what is not working but that doesn’t seem like effort to me. It seems more like an acknowledgement of being off and a course correction to get back to my natural state of happiness and aliveness.

Here are 5 Points to remember when you have lost your innate sense of happiness:

1. Check out to see if the ego is running you and you are trying to prove you are right? That is a sure fire way to loose your happiness. Replace the ego with self-love by caring for yourself in a positive way.
2. Have you forgotten to pay attention to your inner dialogue and has the inner critic taken over again? The inner critic is a part of you that never ever feels ok. Shut it down ASAP.
3. Have you lost contact with your heart? The heart is the doorway to the happiness inside of you. Find the heart and reopen it immediately.
4. What has happened to your sense of who you are? If you think you are your body, thoughts, feeling or personality, you have forgotten your spirit, which is unlimited, eternal and full of the joy of the universe.
5. You have left the moment and are focused on yesterday or tomorrow. This moment is waiting with an abundance of happiness for you to partake in. Come home to the moment.

Is happiness a chore, effort, luck or does it come easily for you? How do you let happiness into your life?