Say Yes to Life

Sometimes nothing else needs to be said but yes. Are you ready to say yes to life?


Like a vast and gracious Host, welcome
and say “yes” to this
“yes” to this and “yes”
to every this

Your true life arrives constantly
when you set up your little shop
at the intersection of Now and Yes
Recognize all things as Emissaries and
Manifestations of a greater and mysterious Will
and all that is as a form of support
(though what is being supported may not be your ego)
When you welcome each present moment
Unendingly, time ceases and you yourself
Become part of It, the Divine Presence.
This Presence is subtle and buoyant, and
supports your awareness effortlessly,
the way water holds up a boat.

So let your awareness be vast and inclusive
as if the whole world is take place in your mind.
Hear everything, see everything, feel everything
with this simple greeting on your lips

Gary Rosenthal

Late last night I came upon this simple and clear guidance and I thought you might appreciate the wisdom of these words. Saying yes to all that life offers can make your journey rich in adventure and rewarding in so many ways.

I hope you say yes to love, joy, inspiration, peace, freedom, health, opportunity, abundance and whatever wonderful possibilities that come your way today.

You deserve the very best every day in every way.

Please check out the video in the brief blog below. I said yes to an opportunity and this is what was created.