Blog Mystery School Part 5 B

This is actually the 5th Part of the Blog Mystery School and it is B the second of three about these awareness of selves. How’s the exploration of the selves going? Are you seeing any benefit from noticing which self is running you? I know in a way this may seem to be a complicating process in an already busy life. It is, but once you get an understanding of the way parts of you have their power over your life, you can take back that power.

By this I mean let’s say there is a large/dominating approval seeker self. That self, when operating in you, has only one major concern, are people liking you or not? Think and feel how that would shape your behavior in what you are doing. How free would you be to express your unique and wonderful qualities if what you wanted was to get the approval of others? Think of a politician. Not very free because you would be doing and acting in ways that others want you too. Does this sound like freedom to you?

In the pizza chart of a variety of size circles (selves), The biggest ones dominate. If fear is big then than other selves loose out to the power of fear to control your life. If an avoider self is powerful than you want to stay out of the view of others. If a self-judging self is running you then the inner critic is in charge.

Freedom comes from being aware of selves and having an impartial self that can regulate all the others. On the circle chart, what you want is the impartial self to be the largest, then you are free to make choices as the other selves come up.

If you play along with this exploration of selves for awhile you will get so much clearer about how your life can get out of control when parts of you take over. Throughout a day you could spend 90% of the time being run by selves (this may seem like a high number until you start paying close attention) and as you expanded your awareness and insight you could take back your life from the habit driven ways of the selves. Think about how much more freedom to be yourself in the moment you have when only 20-30% of you is run by the habits of limiting selves.

Draw the pizza chart for yourself and identify at least 10 selves that are dominate in your life. Make sure you add an 11th, the impartial self. Do the selves to scale of their dominance. The most powerful is the largest. Just this exercise of the top 10 power selves will help increase impartiality. I have written about the helpful ways of impartiality in past blogs. You will find those articles helpful. The previous blog tools all help develop impartiality. Meditation in general grows the impartial self.

Think of a loving parent who loves and accepts their child and also sees areas that are getting in the way of their happiness and success. This parent sees the limitations free of judging their child. This way they can guide them to a greater wholeness and a fuller expression of themselves. That is the impartial self and the important part it plays in creating the life you desire.

I hope this is helpful? I welcome questions and clarifications. See the chart below. Note which self is the most powerful of the 11 and which one is least in charge. Remember the goal is to have the impartial self as the largest. Please let me know how it is going for you?