4 Questions to Explore

I have some questions for you as a follow up to my brief blog entry earlier.  This will be brief too but hopefully thought provoking.  I believe the greatest need we have on the planet is the need to expand our consciousness (understanding, awareness and innate wisdom).  Here are my questions:

What helps you think outside of the box and in more expansive and inclusive ways?

If you are basically information and energy in vibration, what kind of information do you need to feed yourself and what kind of emotions do you need to activate to create through your vibrations what you want?  

If seeking fulfillment of your desires is a positive creative force, explain how you evolve through your desires?

If whatever you spend any time looking at enters you vibrations, how do you pay attention enough to be informed in your decisions and still avoid being programmed by the negative things you want to change?

Being eager is an attribute; so is having a heart full of passion for what you want; living with purpose is energizing; and having a positive expectation brings about positive results.  If you can bring into the world amazing results with these ways of being, why don’t people adopt them and become experts at creating a wonderful life for themselves?

Please let me know what you responses are to these questions.
  I seek your wisdom and consciousness.  Please leave a comment below or email me at explorelifeblog@inbox.com