2008 Is On The Way, Questions And A Commitment

Well how are you doing today?  Did you eat enough food and sweets to satisfy you?  It was a white Christmas here in Boulder with the snow falling when we woke up and continuing throughout the day.  I think I will go out cross-country skiing when it warms a little above the 2 degrees it was this morning.  That is cold and not that much fun to be out in even if I am active.

Last night I went for a walk under the bright moonlight and began to think again about the New Year.  I felt a strong urgency to be more focused.  I will sit down and complete 100 questions exercise today as part of my preparation for 2008.  There is one question I have written so far that I know will be in my top 10 because since I wrote it down it keeps on coming up.  “How can I make a bigger difference for more people?”  That feels like a huge question with a lot of responsibility.  In that question there is a plan waiting to be designed; an intention or two waiting to be made; and a powerful commitment to living as purposeful as I can imagine.  I am excited about the calling of this question.

Last Friday, I had two postings; one later in the evening and without much commentary, and the other one had the ThinkArete.com reference to the 100 questions and its 500 big ideas..  Please check out those two posting.  The interview is part of my effort to get out into the world more.   Sitting here and writing is what I love to do but I also love to do talks, presentations, workshops and lead retreats.  Check out the interview (push mp3)and you can hear my voice if you have only read my voice before. 

As the year comes winding down, take time to appreciate all the amazing things that have happened and make plans for the amazing results you want to create.  Have you intentions in mind over the next week and be thinking about what you are willing to make a commitment to accomplish in 2008.  Remember, if you choose, you can make 2008 you’re the best of your life so far.  Does that sound good to you?  Stay tune and I will give you some further ideas to really power you up for success.  

The one idea that I have shared often is the YOU DESERVE a wonderful year.  Get you mind and your heart behind the idea of you deserving.  Do whatever it takes in mind adjustments, belief restructuring, and heart opening to be ready and willing to have what you want in 2008; more to come on this in the next few days.  Also get a copy of my 2 for 1 Success Series which is full of more great ideas, positive thoughts and affirmations for success.  These are available to you immediately in e-book form here at this site under E-Books to Buy.  

You deserve, no matter what anyone has ever said, no matter whatever thoughts, feelings, or limiting beliefs may ramble about in your head.  Make a commitment today to get out of your own way.