Take These Steps For Successful Intention Making

Intention is bringing together the collective forces of mind, body, heart and spirit for the purpose of manifesting in the world.”  I wrote this yesterday and never got back to explain further how to use intention.  Before I say anything more, I want you to know Wayne Dyer’s book Intention is a must read if you are interested in a real expertise in fully empowering your intentions.

I want to share more about my experience with the intentions and how they have worked for me.  Last month is an example of intention in action.  I started November 1st with the intention of writing a novel.  My desired outcome was 50,000 words and 150 pages.  I started full of inspiration that first day and with determination and focus I had the first draft done in 20 days.  That is the power of intention.  I saw the novel, imagined it fully, felt it, opened to it, allowed it to flow, and received all the inspiration necessary to make it happen.  Living with intention is powerful, energizing, fun and rewarding.

The idea is to set your intention, get clear about the results you want, use your senses to feel it and experience it already real and then move into action to make it happen.  The getting clear part takes place both before and after the intention is set.  First you get clear about what you want to have happen in 2008, then you set a specific intention on one of the outcomes you desire, and then you get clear about how that intention will look when successful.  Seeing and feeling the results you want are very important.  The more you know in your body, emotions, mind and spirit the reality of your intention the more it will come into reality.  Then take whatever action needed.  Put a big dose of love into the process for extra good measure all long the way.  

Let me do a quick review.  Set intentions, with heart see, feel, sense the desired results in your entire being, take actions necessary and experience the success.  Try an experiment this month and set your intention for something simple. Get clear what you want to happen, set the intention, know the results you desire, feel it and act when needed.  Doing a test drive before 2008 will help you get a feel for the process.

I suggest doing only one intention at a time. That is the kind of focus necessary to manifest.  Multiple intentions diffuse your focus.  One clear intention fully loaded with all you attributes is a sure bet for success.

Let me know how it goes.  I’ve included quotes from two people who I find very inspirational.  

All that counts in life is intention.
Andrea Bocelli

Our intention creates our reality.
Wayne Dyer