Have A Billionaire Heart

I read an article in the paper on Sunday that I keep thinking about. The article was about billionaires and how most of them give very little away. I thought what a loss of opportunity for opening the heart. Giving feels good; giving opens the heart. So then I thought - how come? Could it be fear, a sense of lack or scarcity in some way, a disconnection from the heart, an intention to not see the need in the world, or maybe insulation from the harsh realities of many. I don’t know? I wonder about this because I feel the needs of people, I experience my own struggles, I see where giving can make such a positive difference in the world. When I give, I enjoy how it feels and want to give more.

Imagine, if you had such vast resources, how much good you could do. Imagine supporting those causes that are dear to your heart. Imagine the face of those you help. Imagine spreading food, care, education, inspiration, joy all around the planet. Imagine helping others to grow, become aware and awakened to their own possibilities and potentials. What would it be like for you and those you care about to have financial freedom? How would you live and give. Let your imagination grow and watch as you create much of what you want.

I have an idea, why don’t we all create in our consciousness the idea of having a billionaire heart. This heart is so full of riches that we can give and give and give. We can give love, we can give understanding, we can give by listening, and we can give of our time and resources. Forbes has its 400 billionaires list; we can have the People’s List of those with Billionaire hearts.

I started an outline for an article or small book on having a Billionaire Heart this morning and the ideas where flying out of my fingers and into my word document. I will let you know when I have something more to share.

Do you want to join the Billionaire Hearts Club? All you have to do to join is figure out how you want to give to make a difference in the world and then start doing it. Let your heart sing in celebration of your giving. Have fun doing it and find others to join in the fun and before long the world will open to an amazing flow of abundance. Remember to let us know how you are doing so we can add you to our Billionaire Hearts Club. Think and feel this as big as you can.

“This is the time. This is the place. This is the vastness. Right here is the paradise. Always. Always. “
By Byron Katie from 365 Nirvana