Qualities of a Billionaire Heart

I am excited about this idea of Billionaire Heart because the world needs billions of such hearts. I spent some time thinking about the qualities of a Billionaire Heart. Here is what I have come up with so far:
• Open to receive
• Enjoys giving and being generous
• Loves to love
• Compassionate for others
• Self-accepting and self-loving
• Self-aware
• In awareness of the world around
• Seeks consciousness
• Encouraging and supportive
• Listens with compassion and understanding
• Inspired and inspirational
• Filled with meaning and purpose
• Inclusive and welcoming
• Open-minded
• Wants to understand a variety of viewpoints
• Finds much joy in life
• Values freedom
• Believes in the unlimited human potential
• Questions norms and so-called reality
• Expresses creatively
• Awake and present to each moment
• Self-reliant and empowering
• Playful and freely expressive
• Quiet and contemplative
• Comfortable in silence and being alone
• Appreciates the company of others
• Sees life as an experiment and adventure
• Open to feedback and guidance
• Expansive enough to include the entire planet
• Filled with gratitude
• At peace
• And more……………………

I welcome your ideas for other qualities you think could be included. I also invite you to use this as a survey to do a self-assessment. Please take this list, copy it to a document and print it. Then go over the qualities and decide which ones you do well and which ones you want to do better.

Please: This Is Very Important – be kind and generous to yourself in this assessment. Appreciate who you are and also make a commitment to be even better. The world today, needs all of us now, at our very best.

I want to end with the wise words from my friend Raj
“If it is going to be, it’s up to me”