Blogging, Growth and Inner Peace

Self-exploration is both effort and fun for me. I find myself wanting to understand so I can move on but then I realize this process of understanding is what life is about. I enjoy learning; experimenting with life; play with new ideas; seeing things from a new perspective; being touched by others; and searching for greater clarity. I also enjoy being creative, exploring my potential, doing new things and visiting new places. Life to me is absolutely rich with opportunities and possibilities.

I started this blog because I wanted to share with others my excitement for life, my belief in the unlimited potential of every human being, and because I have as a purpose to encourage and inspire others to wake-up and be all they can be. I love writing about the ideas I share in this blog. However a really interesting thing is happening as I share. I am becoming more inspired and more awake. I feel encouraged by those that are getting something out of what I write. I feel very alive and purposeful. This all feels so right to me. I am filled with gratitude to be doing what I love to do.

My goal is to now devote more of my day to my pursuit of writing, spreading consciousness, compassion, purpose and peace. I feel on a mission and my energy is high. The challenge for me now is to bring in income so I can do so. I will be looking at adding ads and some new exciting books I have been busily writing, so I can generate a flow of money. I wanted you the reader to know I am doing this because I am absolutely commitment to providing high quality, thought- provoking and expansive ideas and insights. So you will be seeing some changes but know that this is good because it means I am expanding through this growth and will be able to share as I learn.

I must share some ideas you might find helpful or this just won’t feel like a blog. I have put together three of the best ideas I know to help you find more inner peace.

1. There is an inner critic in you that needs to be made into quiet background noise. The best way to do that is to listen to how you talk to yourself. When you hear the inner critic judging you, stop it and tell it that from now on only words of encouragement and support are welcome. The inner critic is a learned voice that has no benefit to you, so shrink it to a whisper and enjoy how good that feels.
2. Have as a personal commitment to appreciate your life, your health, your relationships, your home and whatever else you can think of to be grateful for each day. The more you focus on what you appreciate the more you will have things to appreciate. Sure there are things that may need to change but still what is most true is that you have much to be grateful for and lots to feel good about.
3. Daily take time to be quiet. You know kids take quiet time; adult need it too. In the quiet moments you can learn to free your busy mind enough so it can slow down and then you can tap into your inner knowing and find your inner peace.

I will keep you informed as I evolve this site. Please let me know what you think and I hope you can find some moments for peace each day.