Exciting News and More About Freedom

I am very excited because I am a guest blogger for a very successful blogger in the UK. I get some international exposure and link back to my site. I also get to share my passion with more people. The article is called, Tap Into Your Inner Gold Mine. Be sure and go there on Tuesday 4/17 and check out my blog entry and enjoy how great his site is at http://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog

Freedom From the Burden of Judging

Impartiality can set you free. This is the third part of a series on exploring impartiality. When you can just observe what is going on and not get into judging everything as right or wrong, good or bad you set yourself free. You become free enough to see what is working and what is not both for yourself and those you interact daily. This freedom of seeing without the burden of judgment allows you to just be with yourself and others in ways that help promote growth and create positive choices in life. When you are free of your reactivity to situations, you can base your decisions on thoughtful heart-felt clarity. Here are some addition ways to develop you inner objective witness.

1. Walking in awareness - is walking through your day both awake and aware. When in awareness you are conscious of your imprint on the planet and those you live, play and work with. This powerful moment to moment way of being is transformative to you and your relationships. The practice of walking in awareness has the following components: you must slow down, notice and observe the world around you; sensing the inflow and outflow of your breath deepens your present moment awareness; feeling your feet as they touch the ground encourages you to develop your friendship with the earth; and at the same time your head and heart expand to welcome all that you are and all you encounter. That is walking in awareness. It is a practice that will teach you to free yourself just to be.
2. The Impartial Observer Self – this practice is more specific for developing the objective observer. To do this you need to imagine there is a part of you either above you or just over your shoulder that watches what is going on. This observer self is you without judgment, with compassion for who you are and what you do. You can use this observer to watch in the moment what is going on or as a way to review what has just happened. The most important thing to remember about this impartial you is that it is free of reactivity, criticism and the labeling of good or bad. It simply observes and learns from what is going on. Free of judgment you can make adjustments and course corrections for your life with kindness and caring. Developing this observer takes some practice but in a short time you can have it as a powerful tool to enrich the quality of your life.

These two practices have been enlightening for me. The walking practice I use once or twice daily and am often amazed at the insights I gain. The observer self comes in handy at meetings and family and friends gatherings where I can see myself and others in relationship. I have learned so much from my ability to objectively observe what is going on. I can clearly see what is working and what is getting in the way of being successful.

As a member of the human family you and I have so much more to offer when we are impartial, compassionate and conscious.

Let me know how this whole growing your impartiality goes. Remember if you have questions please feel free to ask me at explorelifeblog@gmail.com. Your question, feedback and ideas are always welcome by email or comments