The Winds of Change Are Blowing

Last night the wind had the trees dancing madly. Can you feel the winds of change blowing across the planet? It is time for you and I to wake up from our unconsciousness, our trance of routine, our habit driven ways, and our too busy to pay attention avoidance. These are very powerful times and what you and I do both collectively and individually can make a difference. Do you want to be a difference maker? Do you feel that purpose driven desire to do something meaningful with your life?

There are several things to consider if you are ready to step up to the next level of meaning and purpose. Your mission if you choose to accept it will call upon strengths and inner resources that you have not yet accessed. Are you ready to step up and be your best? These 3 factors are key components for creating powerful results.

Factor 1. Do you have a relationship with your higher self? If you don’t then you will be driven by ego and that will not take you to the next level. In the Journal Archives you might find the two articles on Self and Ego helpful. Difference making and the realization of you mission demands that you show up as empowered as possible and only your Self can do that.

Factor 2. Do you have a clear intention of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish? Are you ready to be a paradigm pioneer and a guide for a new and better world? You intention is what brings all your inner resources into focus. Wayne Dyers book called Intention is a great resource if you want to read more.

Factor 3. Are you a relationship builder? Do you have an open heart and the compassion necessary to enter into meaningful relationships with people who share your mission to make a difference? You cannot do it alone. You must be able to work with others who share your purpose. Together you can take each other higher and create much greater results. Be in unity, set a course and feel the happiness and success that is possible.

I want to give you an image of how this can work. There is on all major ocean liners a part of the rudder called the trim-tab. This piece of the turning mechanism is essential to altering the course of the ship. How the trim-tab works is that when the pilot determines that the course needs to be altered then he or she adjusts the trim-tab. Now on a huge boat like this, going at the speeds it travels, to turn the large rudder would be impossible and probably damaging to it. So above the rudder is a small rudder called the trim-tab. This little rudder can be turned and with it the course correction begins and then the full rudder can be engaged. This is a great analogy to anyone who is an on a mission to make a difference. To change the course of where this planet and its inhabitants are going you and I need to be trim-tabs. You and I do our small part of course correction and then the larger motion of change will kick into gear.

Another trim-tab kind of idea is the following: when 1% of the people grasp an idea then it spreads across the planet; when 10% of the population understands and accepts a new way then it is unstoppable as it spreads. I am sure you can think of examples. One that comes instantly to mind is the idea that we should fear terrorists. That idea was accepted by the masses unfortunately without question.

Now is the time to activate the trim tab in you. Guided by the Self, a clear intention and a team of like-minded enlightened warriors, you and I may be on our way to being unstoppable forces for positive change.

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has" Margaret Mead