Heart Power Part II

I wanted to share with you the power of love in a story about you. You were most likely brought into this life out of an expression of love. As a child you had this endless and open willingness to love. Then you learned that love was conditional because the love coming your way was often conditional. If you were “good”, did what you were told, and acted right, then you were given love. If you were “bad” then love was pulled back and you received disapproval. As you were raised the conditions of love varied and you heart closed down more because you felt less and less sure when it was ok to love. Maybe you had a pet you loved very much and you heart learned unconditional love.

As a young person you may have felt your heart open to another in a unique and wonderful way and then the biological urges kicked in and that love felt different. As you grew into adulthood you experienced your heart open more to others and it often was driven by needs. Now the opening of the heart had a different quality and it was more about mating. As your life progressed you began to understand the differences in love. You have had one partner or a variety of partners and the children that arrived through that love. You loved them all and grew. You also found out that you could love good friends and from afar those you admired. Now as a mature adult you heart is getting back to the child like open willingness to love much more freely. Or has it closed down from experiences and only allows a glimmer of love on occasion? Maybe it is somewhere in between the wide-open and carefully guarded heart?

Let’s talk about where your heart is and where it can go. If you find love easy to give and easy to receive then you enjoy life and feel compassion for your fellow human beings. If you have a story in your mind about being hurt too much by love then you may be guarded and less open to enjoy life and feel for the suffering of others. Whatever the way you are is ok because you have within you and endless capacity to love. You could love the entire universe and everything in it and still have more love to give. Imagine that! Here is an exercise to explore that endless love.

Find a quiet place to sit comfortably and get in touch with your heart. Feel your heart beat and imagine it glowing with warmth and a loving color. Imagine that heart glow filling you body so that each cell and particle is now glowing. Feel the healing power of such love. Now see the loving glow surrounding those you love and let them bask in the warmth and healing energy. Next imagine the glow of love filling everyone in your community and across your country. From there imagine the power of you healing and giving love covering the entire planet. This love, you have, can heal the planet too. Then let your love expand to include the entire universe and as far out as you can imagine. Now you are beginning to feel your capacity for love. Is that amazing or what?
Now bring all this love back into your heart and imagine spreading it everywhere you go each day.

Practice the heart visualization as often as you can and watch your heart open to a love that can transform you and the world. This ever-expanding unlimited love is needed today. Will you please share as much as you can? Be the power of love and let you heart shine.