The Self and the Ego

I spent the weekend posting comments on other blogs and enjoying life. As I was reading through some posts I gained some valuable insight. I want to share with you what I better understand now. I have a self and a Self. So do you. The small self is the ego and personality. The Higher Self is the part of me that was before my birth and will continue after this life. This Self is connected directly to the highest consciousness; to the collective wisdom of all beings; and to the source of the universe. The ego self is driven by fear, looking good to others, the need to control and be safe. This self is not bad but limiting. The Higher Self is creative, wise, loving, guiding, and the force behind intuition, manifestation and all of life. These two aspects are very important to understand and I am still sorting out a deeper level of consciousness here.

So what do you need to do with this information? Let’s begin with the idea that most decisions you make about life and situations come from either the self or the Self. It is important for you to become aware of which self/Self is guiding you throughout your day. The self will guide you to take care of your basic needs and to look for approval from others. The larger Self will keep you alert to what you are feeling, help you get a sense of what’s your truth and align you to your purpose. Both selves serve you. Which one do you want in charge when you decide what direction to take your career or business? Which one do you want to guide you in relationships with others? Which one is the source of love? So there is much exploration here to do.

Why take the time you may wonder? The answer is another question, how much do you want to take charge of your life, live on purpose and manifest your highest desires? If the answer is that you want to be the creator then you need to be guided by the Self. This Self is the one that has a direct relationship with the laws of attraction. See the movie The Secret if you don’t know this concept. The small self or ego will have little if any power to manifest from the law of attraction. Any idea that The Secret is an ego trip comes from a lack of awareness about the ego vs. the Self. The ego can only manifest out of sheer force of will and that will not be satisfying. The Self can manifest abundantly anything it becomes clear about and is willing to receive.

Here are three steps to take this week:
1. Start becoming aware of the self vs Self in you
2. Take time to become acquainted with the Self by spending some quiet time in conversation with it.
3. Try a small manifestation project and have the Self guide you on how to make it happen.

The secret is in you. Desire is good because it calls you to stretch yourself toward a higher expression. Welcome opportunities to see yourself more clearly. Then watch as you access your higher knowing and begin to make things happen in ways that fill your heart with satisfaction.

Let me know how it goes and insights you gain along the way. I am always excited to hear other people’s insights because they often take me higher too. Journey well and prosper.